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Hemp-derived Delta 9 THC Gummies  

It’s a well-known fact that Delta 9 THC is federally illegal. Should a product contain this cannabinoid, it can make up no more than 0.3% of the total compounds in said product. A few companies are starting to offer “legal delta 9 THC gummies” which are edibles containing slightly less D9 THC than that legal cutoff. Some gummies, like the ones I tried, contain only Delta 9 while others contain a combination of both Delta 8 and Delta 9. 

Another options is hemp-derived THC products, which are sourced from high-CBD industrial hemp plants, grown for its fiber, seeds, and extraction uses, whereas marijuana-derived THC products come from high-THC marijuana, like what you would find at dispensary. Or to make things more economical, many labs are just extracting CBD and converting it to delta 8 and delta 9 THC. 

Logically, and fiscally, it makes more sense to extract from plants that already are THC-dominant, rather than using up a bunch of hemp plant matter for the low levels of extractable THC, so the one of the only other options is to create a synthetic form of THC.  

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Each of these gummies contains 10 to 15 mg of delta 9 THC and they come in a total of six flavors: Guavaberry Fruit, Blueberry Citrus Burst, Kiwi Mixer, Green Apple, Tropical Punch, and Wild Cherry. The Chronix Brand contain 10 mg each (100mg total in the bag), and the Urb brand contain 15mg each (150mg total in the package).  

 Three of the flavors are vegan: blueberry citrus burst, guavaberry fruit, and kiwi mixer. Because they are vegan, they don’t contain gelatin, so the consistency of these gummies is more like a mini jello-shooter rather than an actual candy gummy. That said, I’ve tried every flavor except the kiwi mixer (this a new flavor) and they were all delicious and potent! 

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