Product of the Month: The Hydro Bubbler From Delta Extrax

As part of my job, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to try all sorts of new and interesting cannabis products. Some are actual ‘cannabis’ products – like concentrates, edibles, and flowers – and others are accessories and hardware… the latter being some of my favorites to test out. When it comes to weed, I’m kind of a purist and mostly stick to high-quality flowers or prerolls, and lately, live resin carts since they’re discreet and the taste is very similar to good bud. So, when doing my reviews and trying new things, I often have the most fun with vapes, glassware, and things like that. Items that can enhance my experiences with the products that I am already using.  

This is exactly what I got with the new Hydro Bubbler from Delta Extrax, which is why I chose to highlight it for my April, ‘Product of the Month’ segment. Additionally, if you act fast, you can still benefit from their 4/20 sale and get this cart bubbler for 40% off the listed price. Scroll down to learn more about the product and access this incredible deal! 

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The Positives  

Let’s start by focusing on all the positive aspects of this bubbler, and believe me, there are many. This new device, sold by Delta Extrax/Savage Enterprises, is designed specifically to improve the user experience while vaping, by allowing the consumer to take bigger, smoother hits with less effort. The Hydro Bubbler has a simple design that works with 510-threaded cartridges, which is considered to be the industry standard. It features a cylindrical glass bubbler that you insert into a plastic casing along with the cart of your choosing (mine was a Buddies Brand, Liquid Diamond Live Resin Vape Cart in Kush Mints). Just screw in the cart and it’s ready to go.  

The Hydro Bubbler has a battery power capacity of 650mAh with a micro-USB port for charging (also comes with a short cable), so it lasts quite a while and recharges fast. It can go from dead to fully charged in about an hour, and using it semi-regularly it will last me about 1 week before I need to charge it again. It also offers 4 different voltage settings, up to 4.0V, that are indicated by different colored lights when you take a hit. Inside the chamber, the Hydro Bubbler will fit up to a 15mm diameter cartridge, and is made up of zinc alloy, PCTG, ABS, and glass.  

The pull is great no matter what I’m vaping with it – I get large, full hits that are incredibly smooth, not harsh in any way, and I experience barely any coughing afterwards. Different compounds do hit differently though. For example, live resin, as well as delta 8 oils, are a bit thicker, so they need to preheat for a little before you start getting those perfect hits. THC-O, on the other hand, is a thinner distillate so it heats up fast and vapes very easily.  

delta extrax hydro bubbler

Aesthetically, the Hydro Bubbler is an absolutely beautiful piece. It has a sleek, modern look to it, it’s easy to hold in your hand, and it comes in two different colors: black or rainbow (rainbow has a nice, gasoline-stained look to it). I have the Rainbow one, and I love it! This seems to be the more popular choice among female customers. Overall, I enjoy that it feels like a high-quality product; it doesn’t feel cheap like it’s going to fall apart or malfunction after limited use.  

The Negatives 

The negatives are very few, and I wouldn’t really even call them “negatives” per se, but rather, a few things you should make note of when using this device to make sure you don’t experience any minor hang-ups like I did. First, storing the bubbler to prevent clogging. Admittedly, I can be a bit lazy when it comes to my smoking gear. What I mean by that, in regards to cartridge vapes anyway, is that I typically leave my carts attached to the battery until the contents are gone or the device dies.  

That doesn’t work out very well with the Hydro Bubbler because the carts leak a little bit and clog the device. Then everything needs to be carefully cleaned with rubbing alcohol to remove the stickiness without damaging your cart, or any of the electrical components in the device. To prevent this, it’s best not to leave everything assembled for long periods, and remove the cart from the Hydro Bubbler when not in use.  

Which brings me to my second point: taking it apart. When doing so, make sure the bubbler piece is completely free of water before moving it at all. The plastic casing creates this sort of vacuum seal so when you pull out the glass tube, water spills out into the chamber and all over your cart. Again, this can be a problem if it ends up damaging any of the electrical components of the bubbler, which would render the entire thing useless.  

But, aside from these minor issues that are relatively easy to resolve, I have no real complaints about the device. Just make sure to keep the above tips in mind when using, cleaning, and storing your Hydro Bubbler.  

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About Savage Enterprises/Delta Extrax 

Delta Extrax is a well known brand in the alternative cannabinoids market, and has recently expanded into the storefront retail sector with the opening of their new dispensary, Extrax Palm Springs. Delta Extrax is a subsidiary of Savage Enterprises, a company that brings nearly a decade’s worth of industry knowledge to consumer product development. Delta Extrax creates many of their own distillates and concentrates, and they infuse their own proprietary THC products using only top quality extracts. 

Although I used dispensary cartridges with my Hydro Bubbler, you can find a lot of fun and exciting options on Delta Extrax’s website. They sell all the most popular product types including vape cartridges, disposables, edibles, and more; they also have basically every cannabinoid you could imagine: Delta 8, 9, and 10, THC-O, HHC/HHC-O, THCA, THCP, and so on.  

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