Incredible Bulk Strain Review >>> Effects, Origin, Yield, & More!

From the name itself, it is already a clue to what it is and what it is not. Incredible Bulk strain, as one can surmise, comes in huge buds. Furthermore, it threatens to crush all the problems of the world. At the same time, it comes with delightful aroma and taste.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
20% / 80% 21 to 36 ounces per square meter 28 to 53 ounces per plant 7 – 8 weeks indoors, mid-September outdoors.

Review: Incredible Bulk Strain

From its effects to its physical appearance, everything about this hybrid is incredible. Incredible Bulk is the result of crossing three strains – Big BudSuper Skunk and Green Spirit.

The idea behind is not only creating a hybrid with fantastic Indica effects. The breeder, Dr. Kippling, also wanted one that can produce gigantic buds and insane yields.

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Information About Incredible Bulk Strain

ORIGIN Big Bud, Super Skunk and Green Spirit
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Happy – 6
Giggly – 4
Tingly – 4
Sleepy – 4
FRAGRANCE Pine, lavender
FLAVORS Sweet, spicy, skunky, herbal, tropical, pine
Dizzy – 6
Dry eyes – 2
Paranoid – 1
Anxious – 1
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Muscle spasms – 7
Insomnia – 4
Pain – 4
Lack of appetite – 4
THC CONTENT % 20% to 24%
CBD % 1%
INDICA/SATIVA % 80% / 20%
INDOOR YIELD 21 to 36 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 28 to 53 ounces per plant

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


How many ways can a marijuana strain be incredible? Looking at the monstrous bud, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is nasty. With regards to potency, that is true as it can have as high as 24% THC.

Incredible Bulk Strain Effects
Incredible Bulk Strain Effects

Upon using, it starts with a mind clearing high that washes down to the body. The Incredible Bulk has a powerful mood-altering trait that induces happy feelings. In fact, some people may even feel tingly and giggly.

As the effects intensify, many of its users find themselves starting to settle down. Soon, they find themselves lost in their thoughts. Deep into introspection, the mental buzz flows down to the body causing a deep relaxation.

People who have used the Incredible Bulk believes that it is one of the best strains for relaxing. As mentioned, it is very potent too. Feeling relaxed, the body effects continue to intensify causing a numbing feeling. As a result, most people tend to fall asleep.


The Incredible Bulk, in spite of its massive size, does not emit a very pungent odor. Instead, it has a refreshing scent of lavender and pine accompanied by a tiny skunky hint.


We established the incredible effects the strain delivers, but it also does so with its delightful flavor. A blend of pine and herbal tea accompanied by sweet and spicy taste compliments the mild skunky aftertaste.

Adverse reactions

As mentioned, the Incredible Bulk is highly potent. As such, it is not wise to test personal limits. Some strains are gentle and mild, but if one were to overuse a particular cannabis, this is not one of them.

Although through its use, some people are bound to experience a few minor annoyances, using too much causes these symptoms to worsen.

The most common adverse reaction would be feeling the mouth and eyes dry. Such is typical with the use of any marijuana.

On some instances, people may also experience other reactions such as dizziness. Usually, it occurs during the onset and also as the body effects intensify. By then, most people would already be sitting down comfortably.

One thing to note is that people who are dealing with anxiety may want to avoid using this strain. That is because it can cause a few to feel more anxious or paranoid.


One of the reasons why people use marijuana is to help them relax. On this, this strain has proven to be incredible in the sense that it can crush and destroy stress. It is this very trait that makes it popular with both recreational and medical cannabis users.

Incredible Bulk Strain Medical
Incredible Bulk Strain Medical

The powerful Indica effects it delivers also comes with sedative-like properties. As such, it is useful in managing muscle spasms as well as offering relief from pain.

One thing that most people also feel is drowsiness setting as the effects begin to subside. For that reason, it can also prove helpful to those who have trouble falling asleep.

Upon waking up, most people also tend to feel very hungry. So, be sure to have food nearby.

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Incredible Bulk Strain Growing
Incredible Bulk Strain Growing

Incredible Bulk, in that sense, is a better version of the Big Bud. In the case of the parent strain, one thing about it is that there is no guarantee on the size of its buds. Even so, it cannot produce as much as this one can.

Furthermore, it is one of the rare strains that are resistant to molds, mildew, pests, and all the villains of the DC Universe. A monster that is what this strain is. But it is also gentle with beginners. In other words, it can tolerate mistakes well and still grow well.

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It grows well outdoor as well as indoor. A tip in growing inside the house is to top it early to keep it short. Tend to it that it reaches two feet in 7 to 8 weeks, by then, growers can now trigger the flowering phase. To boost its growth, maintain optimal lighting as well as provide carbon dioxide.

Flowering Time


The Incredible Bulk is ready for the flowering phase in 7 to 8 weeks. Growers will then have to endure a few more weeks and contain their excitement at holding 21 to 26 ounces of buds per square meter.


In an open environment, the monster will grow and thrive. It will also start to flower during the middle part of September. Finally, the reward for hard work and care it received is in the form of up to 50+ ounces of buds – each plant.


  1. Big Bud
  2. Super Skunk
  3. Green Spirit

FAQ About Incredible Bulk Strain

What is the Incredible Bulk strain yield?

Incredible Bulk yields 21 to 36 ounces per square meter indoors and 28 to 53 ounces per plant outdoors.

How much THC does Incredible Bulk strain have?

From 20% to 24%

What are the origins of the Incredible Bulk strain?

Incredible Bulk was created by a breeder called Dr. Kippling, by crossing the Big Bud, Super Skunk and the Green Spirit strains.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Incredible Bulk? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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