Unicorn Poop Marijuana Strain Information and Review

“Fables of old refer to a magical place that exists beyond the rainbow, where dab flows like rivers of gold and unicorns poop the most amazing nuggets of ganja”… is what we’d like to say are the origins of the Unicorn Poop strain.

However, this unique strain was the creation of ThugPug Genetics, who took the notoriety of GMO and introduced it to the style and flair of the Sophisticated Lady strain. The result: a potent lovechild of flavorful proportions.  

Just a few hits of a Unicorn Poop (aka UP) joint and you’re sure to be donkey-kicked into a state of euphoria, creativity, and focus. UP is most commonly found to be a balanced hybrid strain with a tasty medium to high THC level. Many differences are noted when looking at Unicorn Poop strain pictures online, so It’s likely that the Unicorn Poop weed strain acquired its name due to the colorful nature of the buds.   

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Unicorn poop weed strain attributes:
ORIGIN GMO and Sophisticated Lady
EFFECTS Giggle. light, energy, talkativeness
FLAVORS Sweet, coffee, spice, diesel
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry eyes, dry mouth, the munchies,
mild paranoia and couch lock
MEDICAL Depression, anxiety, stress,
persistent pain, headaches and inflammation
CBD % >1%
INDICA/SATIVA % 50% – 50%
OUTDOOR YIELD 18+ oz per plant
GROWTH LEVEL Fairly easy

What strains makeup unicorn poop?

Unicorn Poop has a unique flavor and pleasant yet potent effects. It can credit its extravagant nature to its famous parent strains, GMO and Sophisticated Lady strain.

The creative-sparking properties within the Unicorn Poop strain genetics can be credited to the GMO strain. GMO is an indica dominant strain known for its pungent fragrance that’s reminiscent of garlic, onion, and mushrooms, hence the name. GMO is a THC-heavy strain with relaxing effects and a sweet, coffee-like flavor. 

On the other end of the scale, Sophisticated Lady is famous for euphoric, happiness-inducing effects and a sweet, floral fragrance and flavor.

It’s a gentle indica dominant strain with a 75:25 indica/sativa ratio and a mid-level THC level reaching as high as 24%. This flavorful strain is the offspring of Ghost OG x Grateful Breath and exudes a skunky fragrance layered with notes of earth, floral, and citrus.    

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Is unicorn poop indica or sativa?

The Unicorn Poop cannabis strain, originally bred by ThugPug Genetics, is an evenly balanced hybrid strain. This means its genetics are composed of equal parts sativa and indica, although many refer to the effects as sativa leaning. As popularity increases so does the list of breeders, so expect variations of the strain in regards to THC levels and sativa/indica ratios. The Green Band and the Veritas versions are both described as indica dominant. 

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How much does the unicorn poop strain cost?

Depending on which breeder grew it and where you acquire it, the Unicorn Poop strain price will vary, so it’s best to shop around and be sure you’re getting what you’re after. 


The Unicorn Poop strain produces buds that are long and dense and coated in a frosty layer of sticky trichomes that sparkle and glisten. These magical nuggets are light green with subtle tones of purple, intersected by tones of dull yellow and scatterings of orange pistils. 

Unicorn Poop strain reviews agree that it’s a fairly easy strain to grow both indoors and out with good resilience to pests and mold, and as an added bonus it’s available as clones. Unicorn Poop seeds may be hard to come by but keep hunting. They aren’t a myth. 

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Growing Unicorn poop outdoors 

Being a relatively new strain, the Unicorn Poop strain info on growing is still limited. What we know for certain is that Unicorn Poop grows happily outdoors in pots or on the ground.  Your plants can thrive in a warm environment with daytime temps averaging 85℉, and with occasional pruning, you can promote adequate airflow and decrease the risk of bud rot.   

Flowering time 

Indoor growers can expect a flowering time of around 56-63 days, but depending on your source, it could be as soon as 49 days in. Outdoor cultivators and look forward to a mid-October harvest

Autoflowering time

For the cultivators that like to set their watches to harvest time and prefer auto-flowering strains, you’re in luck as The Green Band has an autoflower strain of Unicorn Poop available. If you’re new to the autoflower game, then you can learn to grow autoflowers here

How much does unicorn poop yield?

Few things are sweeter than hauling a harvest of Unicorn Poop, and when that sticky-scissors day arrives, indoor growers can expect to yield an average of 1 oz/ft2, and outdoor cultivators can prep for an average of 18+ oz per plant.

How much do Unicorn Poop autoflowers yield?

There are pros and cons to autoflower plants because everybody chooses what works best for them. Whereas you may not have as substantial yields with autoflowers, you now have added reliability and planning. Autoflowers generally yield around 5-15 oz per plant depending on environment and skill.


As humorous as the name may be, Unicorn Poop (hehe) is not some soft-hearted high. Just one hit or two of this delicious doobie delivers a dynamic high that lasts long and comes in swinging, so be advised, it’s not for the novice smoker. The Unicorn poop strain gets you high instead of stoned, leaving you feeling lighter and energized with a buzz that surges throughout your whole body, making it a prime wake-n-bake strain.

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Fitting to the name, some users have described the high as magical, leaving them feeling elevated both in body and mind as well as having a case of the giggles. Heightened states of sociability and talkativeness can also be expected. But all ebbs have flowed, so the drawbacks you may come to experience include dry eyes, dry mouth, munchies, mild paranoia, and possibly couch lock, although that may depend on how much you consume. 

But it’s not all just chuckle-worthy poop jokes and red-eyes when it comes to this strain. Many people that turn to cannabis as a means of relief have credited this strain for alleviating symptoms associated with a number of mental and physical ailments. Some of which are depression, anxiety, stress, persistent pain, headaches, and inflammation.  


With flavors and fragrances that one generally wouldn’t associate with equestrian fecal matters, this strain is truly magical because, in spite of its moniker, I would want the Unicorn Poop strain near me. It emits a sweet scent of sour citrus meets rich earth and spice amidst a diesel pungency.  The type of stank that can flood a room the moment you crack the jar. 

The citrus elements from the Limonene terps deepen when tasted, with accents of sweet berry and rich earth prominent on the inhale. Zesty hints of spiciness and diesel make for a flavorful exhale and a smooth smoking experience. 

What does unicorn poop taste like?

Well, for one, it Doesn’t taste like poop. Unicorn Poops flavor is in fact a pleasant combination of citrus, spice, earth and diesel.

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