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In The Spotlight: Amanita Mushroom Caps

This week’s spotlight is on a unique product that everyone is talking about: Amanita Mushroom Caps. These legal psychedelic mushrooms have been used for hundreds of years due to their spiritual and mind-altering effects. Recently, we’ve secured a significant quantity of Amanita caps from a verified supplier, with prices starting as low as $99 per […]

What is Stoptober? – Cannadelics

Stoptober. This phenomenon is more than just the combination of the words ‘stop’ and ‘October’. Every year, countless individuals around the world make the decision to quit smoking, recognising the numerous health benefits and improved quality of life that come with breaking the habit. In the United Kingdom, an initiative known as Stoptober, created by […]

Two People Charged for Pot Every Hour, Every Day in Kentucky, Data Shows

Despite the dramatic shift in opinion about cannabis in America, Kentucky law enforcement agents continued to charge people with cannabis-related charges at a steady rate, in tandem with offenses across the board. According to analysis of the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) data, more than 300,000 people in Kentucky have been charged with […]

3-MMC: The Party Drug with No Comedown?

Sometimes it feels like the drug world is a continuous game of cat and mouse. The law being the cat, and the drug-makers being the mouse. Every time a substance is banned, another synthetic one will pop up in raving culture, that is supposedly better and legal. That’s exactly what we have with the designer […]

Wisconsin Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Legalize Cannabis

A bid to bring legalization to the Badger State started in earnest last week, with Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin announcing legislation on Sept. 22 that would end the prohibition on recreational cannabis. The bill was introduced by state Sen. Melissa Agard and state House Rep. Darrin B. Madison. Agard, who is the minority leader in […]

Thailand Decide to Restrict Cannabis Use Straight after Decriminalisation

Thailand, a beautiful country in SouthEast Asia, was once a country where smoking a joint could have you imprisoned. In fact, they infamously had some of the harshest drug laws in the world. But then, in 2020, the nation decided to decriminalise cannabis in a bid to benefit from ‘weed tourism’. However, with thousands of […]

Research Finds Increased Heavy Metals Risk for Cannabis Users, Affirms Testing Need

A new study conducted by New York’s Columbia University researchers used a massive database from the U.S. Centers of Disease Control’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in an effort to determine whether cannabis users had higher levels of any of 17 different metals in their blood or urine.  The study ultimately revealed that cannabis-only […]

Over Eight Hundred Banks File to Allow Cannabis Businesses, FinCEN Reports

Banking institutions are in a race to allow cannabis businesses ahead of imminent changes in the way cannabis is classified at the federal level, according to federal data. Cannabis remains prohibited at the federal level, but the U.S. Health & Human Services Department (HHS) recommendation to reclassify cannabis from a Schedule I to a Schedule […]

UN Report Calls for Drug Policies That Protect Human Rights, Reduce Harm

On Sept. 20, the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council published the UN Human Rights Office Report regarding human rights issues that have developed due to the War on Drugs. This report was created by request of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in April 2023, and was introduced during the 54th […]

Woman Arrested for Flying Drone with Drugs, Porn into Australian Prison

A Brisbane woman pleaded guilty Friday to charges stemming from an incident in Spring of last year when a drone containing drugs and pornography crash-landed into the recreation yard of a correctional facility in Queensland. According to information originally disseminated by the Australian Associated Press, 27-year-old Cheyenne Anniki Petryszyn was on parole when a drone […]