Weed: Your New Headache Medicine?

You’ve got a bunch of options you can take when your head flares up, whether its just a minor headache or a full-blown migraine. Now, a new study points to yet another option, which highlights a possibly major use of the cannabis plant. That’s right, it looks like weed might be the new go-to headache […]

Kalytera Announces Second Payments Agreement with The Salzman Group of Israel – Cannabis Hemp Blog

Kalytera Therapeutics, Inc. (TSXV:KALY) (OTCQB:KALTF) (the “Company” or “Kalytera”) today announced that it has entered into an agreement reached with The Salzman Group of Israel (the “Agreement”) under which Kalytera, at its option, may pay invoices for certain services provided to the Company by The Salzman Group in common shares of the Company (“Common Shares”). […]

Colorado Passes Law Allowing Doctors to Prescribe Cannabis in Place of Opioids – Cannabis Hemp Blog

NanoSphere Health Sciences (CSE:NSHS) (OTC: NSHSF) CEO Robert Sutton today congratulated the Governor and Legislature of Colorado for their passage of an historic bill allowing physicians to recommend cannabis instead of opioids for relief of pain. “Colorado is the first state in the US, and among very few governments around the world, that has recognized […]

INDIVA Featured on CBC – Cannabis Hemp Blog

London-based INDIVA (TSXV:NDVA) was recently featured in an article on CBC touching upon the company’s expansion plans of adding “30,000 square feet of space and dozens of jobs to its current 10,000 square foot (cannabis) growing and production facility.” Notable among the products the company is working on are cannabidiol salt and sugar, which could […]

Canadian Government To Review Cannabis Legalization

Canada’s Liberal Party government launched a review of the country’s legalization of cannabis on Thursday, four years after the country became the world’s second to legalize marijuana for adults. Canada legalized marijuana with the passage of the Cannabis Act in 2018, five years after Uruguay became the first country to legalize cannabis for adults in […]

House Committee Approves Two Bills To Expunge, Seal Pot Records

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday advanced two pieces of legislation aimed at providing relief to individuals with marijuana convictions on their records. NORML reported that the Democratic-led committee “voted in a bipartisan manner to advance the Clean Slate Act and the Fresh Start Act,” both of which seek to redress prior pot busts […]

Arkansas Supreme Court Signs off on Legalization Ballot Measure

The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled late Thursday that voters in the state will have the opportunity to decide on a recreational marijuana proposal that will appear on this November’s ballot. The decision ends a drawn-out dispute over the measure, which would legalize pot for adults aged 21 and older while also establishing a state-regulated marijuana […]

Valens Signs Multi-Year Cannabis Extraction Agreement with Tantalus Labs – Cannabis Hemp Blog

Valens GroWorks Corp (CSE:VGW, OTCQB:VGWCF) (the “Company” or “Valens”), a multi-licensed, vertically integrated provider of cannabis products and services focused on various proprietary extraction methodologies, distillation, cannabinoid isolation and purification, as well as associated quality testing is pleased to announce that it has entered into an arm’s length binding multi-year extraction services agreement (the “Agreement”) […]

The Price of Shrooms: Will Mushroom Treatment Burn a Hole in Your Pocket?

Oregon started a new trend by passing legislation to open an adult-use magic mushrooms market in the form of legal administration centers. Sounds pretty awesome, right? But how much will a session set a person back? It’s great to have this service, but can the average person afford it? Here’s a little on the new […]

10 Top Phosphate Countries by Production – Cannabis Hemp Blog

Phosphate is mainly produced in the form of fertilizer for crops and animal feed supplements. Only 5 percent of world phosphate production is used in other applications, such as corrosion prevention and detergents. Demand for phosphate fertilizers has translated into a US$63.81 billion market in 2022, and that figure is expected to grow by a […]