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Is Cannabis Use Disorder Really a Thing?

We used to just call people stoners, that was enough. But the medical world always likes things to be more specific, and so now we have the term ‘cannabis use disorder’. But is this really a thing? Or a combination of fear-mongering, and over-enthusiasm to make everything into a problem? Read on and form your […]

Mass Layoffs Continue in Cannabis Industry – Globally

What’s one great way to tell if an industry is doing well? More jobs open up, and salaries improve. What’s a great way to know there are problems? When more and more jobs get cut. That’s where we are today, as mass layoffs continue in the cannabis industry, signaling a host of problems, with no […]

Cannadelics Sunday Edition: Psilomethoxin, Dream Drugs, Salvia…

This is a copy of the Cannadelics Sunday Edition, sent to our readers every Sunday morning with the leading stories of the week. Click HERE or use the sign-in form below to subscribe to our newsletter.This week the main articles were about new Psychedelics state regulations, Psilomethoxin – the new love drug, Magic mushrooms, Psychoactive […]

What You Need to Know Before Running a Cannabis Business

As of now, there are 21 states in which recreational use of marijuana is legal: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington. At the same time, Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance under […]

Rising Hash Use in Saudi Arabia Counters Standard Optics

We talk all the time about the growing acceptance of drugs like cannabis and psychedelics in the world today. But we’re not talking about every country, and some countries move slower than others. For some, so little information is released, that all we know are government lines unless another piece of information is provided. A […]

Be Like the Persians and Use Your Stoner Logic

History is full of all kinds of stories; some so good, they’re better than fiction. Such is the case with the ancient Persians and a specific ritual that involved making important decisions under the influence of alcohol. Yup, this was a thing. Perhaps we can tweak the methodology today and apply the same practice to […]

Las Vegas to Open First Cannabis-Friendly Hotel  

One of the few things you would expect to encounter on a trip to Las Vegas is getting in trouble for smoking weed. Not only is cannabis legal in the state of Nevada, but come on, it’s Vegas, there are way crazier things going on out there. But unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens to many […]

How do People Buy Drugs on the Dark Web? 

For generations, the idea of purchasing illegal drugs has always brought up images of hooded men in the shadows, awkward handshakes and the fear of being caught by the cops. Ultimately, it is an activity that is hardly the most enjoyable, and does not have the monotony of going to the supermarket to purchase a […]

Can You Get High Off Terpenes? Maybe…

The more we learn about weed, the more we learn about the different compounds within, and how those compounds affect our health and how we feel. When we talk about feeling high, we’re generally talking about the THC aspect, or even the CBD. But what about terpenes? Is it possible to get high off terpenes, […]

10 Reasons to Legalize Drugs in 2023

Welcome to the new age. 2023 is upon us and flying cars, time travel and the new annoyingly addictive social media platform is surely imminently round the corner. However, 2023 may also be the year for something else. 2022 had many cases of drug legalizations around the world, and it’s likely that there will be […]