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Thailand Decide to Restrict Cannabis Use Straight after Decriminalisation

Thailand, a beautiful country in SouthEast Asia, was once a country where smoking a joint could have you imprisoned. In fact, they infamously had some of the harshest drug laws in the world. But then, in 2020, the nation decided to decriminalise cannabis in a bid to benefit from ‘weed tourism’. However, with thousands of […]

Netherlands To Open Legal Cannabis Sales

If you’ve ever been to the Netherlands, that title is a bit confusing; but the reality of the Netherlands is that it doesn’t operate how most think. In a recent turn of events; the Netherlands announced it would open legal and limited cannabis sales, to investigate a legal market. Netherlands to open legal cannabis sales […]

Bitcoin Mining Farm Discovered During Chile Drug Raid

A police raid in Santiago, Chile resulted in the seizure of multiple narcotics as well as the discovery of a Bitcoin mining operation, which local authorities said marked the first time such a glaring link between organized crime and cryptocurrency had been found in Chile. According to an article in El Mostrador, a Chilean newspaper, […]

Another Flawed Study On Cannabis Use Disorder

Cannabis use disorder isn’t defined medically, and doesn’t seem to cause real problems. However, despite not instigating societal harm; yet another study is out trying to warn us about the prevalence of cannabis use disorder. What’s a use disorder? Like any other psychiatric condition; what is termed as a ‘use disorder,’ has no medical diagnosis. […]

Last Prisoner Project Gets People Out of Prison for Weed

We might have come a long way, but regardless of progress on some fronts; there’s still a lot of cannabis persecution going on. One organization is looking to fight the system, and get people out of prison for weed crimes. Read on to learn more about the Last Prisoner Project; how its working to get […]

Lab-Shopping & Inflated THC: Is Your Product What You Think?

Cannabis testing facilities have proposed many issues since industries started; and its questionable how useful they are. A current and growing issue to plague the industry is that producers are lab-shopping between these facilities, to find the ones that give the results they want. What does this mean for you as the buyer? Third party […]

High Times, Sold! – Cannadelics

One of the most well-known brands of the cannabis news and reporting world, is the publication High Times. High Times has remained one of the most recognizable names in the world of weed, including continually hosting its own cannabis competition. Recent reports now indicate that the company was sold – sort of. When High Times […]

Which US Cities Have the Most Cannabis Dispensaries? 

Weed stores are pretty much a normal thing in most of the United States at this point. With more than 75 percent of the country having legalized cannabis to some extent, it’s only natural that we’re beginning to see dispensaries popping up seemingly everywhere. As a matter of fact, a popular headline circulating a few […]

California Trying to Root Out Illegal Vape Providers

The vape industry is only getting bigger, yet most of the products within it, are illegal. In a new move, California just filed suit against nine vape companies; seemingly in an effort to root out illegal providers. Will this work? This article is the express opinion of the writer in relation to California’s new lawsuit. […]

California is Giving Amsterdam Vibes with Pending Legalization of Cannabis Cafes 

Although the golden state does have legal “smoke lounges”, where shoppers can buy their weed for on-site consumption, they are few and far between. And for the most part, they more resemble a break area at a retail store rather than a relaxing place to hang out and get stoned. But Amsterdam-style cannabis cafes that […]