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New Trend of Vape Sensors in Hotels

At MJBizCon this year, we got to see what the biggest trends were, from growing equipment, to rolling papers, to vapes, to branding. But one big trend wasn’t actually showcased at the convention, (though some going to it were subjected to it). The new trend of smoke and vape sensors in hotels, which require a […]

MJBizCon: Still No THC, Still Alcohol Sales

The biggest cannabis business convention happened in November, and it gave us some great insights into the current trends in the world of weed. It also emphasized where there is still some funky discombobulation in cannabis laws. Once again at 2022’s MJBizcon, there was still no THC on the floor, while alcohol was still openly […]

The Detriments of Long-Term Opioid Use

We hear about opioid overdose deaths everyday in the US, but there’s a whole other downside to remember: the effects of long-term opioid use on health in general. So aside from falling down dead from overloading the system, here are some other things that can be expected if you’re popping these pills for years at […]

What Is the Role of an API in Pharmaceutical Medicine?

Everything these days is an acronym, and sometimes the world of acronyms gets confusing. In fact, sometimes the very same letters, are used for more than one acronym, and it requires knowing what you’re dealing with, to know the meaning. One of the terms that shows up a lot is API, which relates to pharmaceutical […]

My Personal Ketamine Experience: Part 1 – The First Infusion

Ketamine might be all the rage these days when it comes to treating psychological issues, but the reality of these treatments is not often written about, and personal experiences are hard to find. Mostly you’ll just find promotional articles and a few studies. Of course, realities don’t always meet the hype, and perhaps one of […]

What Happens if you take these Drugs at the Qatar World Cup?

The world cup has begun, and instead of all the focus being on the incredible football and the tournament itself, it is still tarnished by the strict law differences in Qatar. Thousands of fans from all over the globe have headed to the Gulf country to support their teams, knowing full well that this may […]

Colorado is 2nd State to Legalize Psychedelics: Voted in By the People

Mid term elections came and went, and they certainly changed the landscape in terms of drugs. Not only did Maryland and Missouri pass cannabis legalization measures for recreational use; Colorado also made a big move when it became the second state to legalize psychedelics by allowing entheogenic plants. What does this mean for the state? […]

The Blunt Wrap Review – An Ultimate Guide for Rollers  

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m a blunt smoker. Although I have a small assortment of pipe, bongs, and vapes that I use throughout the day to save my weed, I always prefer a fat, neatly rolled blunt over anything else. I love the effects, and I truly just […]

Best Cyber Monday Deals – Save Big On Premium Products

After three days of intense Black Friday deals, we are approacing Cyber Monday with is your last chance to stock-up on premium products, before Christmas sales begin. Unlike Black Friday, where the focus was on ‘best price for single products‘, this year the Cyber Monday deals below allow us to stock-up on premium products, such […]

A Woman’s Perspective on MJBizCon 2022

Cannabis Week just came to a close and, like every year, there was much to learn and observe at the nation’s largest B2B industry conference. One thing that stayed in the back of my mind going into the show, was an article that I read after last year’s event, The Boys Club: A Female Perspective […]