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How to Make Super Soil for Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

When gardening, it’s best to let nature do her thing by providing the right conditions. With that in mind, let’s discuss how to make super soil for autoflowers. Making the effort now to create a premixed soil for autoflowers will save a lot of work later and pay off big at harvest time.  The best […]

Tips For Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Outdoors

When growers first get started, there can be so many questions. Every topic can lead curious cultivators deeper into rabbit holes of community knowledge. One thing that can make it easier for your first few grows is to focus on growing autoflowers outdoors instead of photoperiod plants. Autoflowers will do just that – they “automatically […]

Why is it Important in the Curing Process?

If you have ever cured cannabis before, odds are you’ve had to burp your jars during the process. But have you ever wondered why burping weed is important? The short and sweet of it is that doing so removes the buildup of carbon dioxide and moisture in the jar caused by your buds. As for […]

What is Hop Latent Viroid in Cannabis? (HpLVD)

The presence of Hop Latent Viroid in cannabis has been a hot topic in the cannabis community for the past few years. This particular viroid has many acronyms, including HpLVd, HLV, and HLVd, but for our purposes, I will abbreviate it as HLVd. HLVd is a great concern to cultivators and the cannabis industry as […]

Understanding The Role of pH in Cannabis Seed Germination

Potential hydrogen or pH is a scale used to measure acidity and alkalinity in objects. Growers use it to measure the soil and water they provide for their cannabis plants. PH plays an important role in soil quality and contributes to a plant’s water and nutrient uptake(1). The importance of pH isn’t limited to established […]

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds with Hydrogen Peroxide

Growers who have handled hydrogen peroxide before know how potentially dangerous it is for plants. In high doses, it can cause cell damage. But, H2O2 is something that plants also produce during photosynthesis. It acts like a hormone that regulates growth and development. In fact, H2O2 may potentially speed up the germination process and help […]

Best Soil for Autoflowering Cannabis

Growing a great crop of autoflower cannabis requires attention to detail regardless of the growing medium you use. If you’re going to grow in soil, you should understand how to prepare (or purchase) the best soil for autoflowers.  The best soil for growing autoflowers in any environment should drain well and dry out on a […]

How to Germinate Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Germinating autoflower seeds is an important first step on your grow journey. Keeping sterile conditions and controlling the environment will propel your plants toward success. Autoflower seeds can be germinated using common techniques; what happens after germination makes the autoflower process slightly different. By giving your seedling a healthy, stress-free start, you establish a strong […]

Best Light Schedule For Autoflowering Cannabis

Autoflower varieties are unique, thanks to the exclusive trait allowing these plants to flower under different light cycles. With a handful of autoflower lighting schedules to choose from, curious growers want to know, what is the best light cycle for autoflowers? Light drives growth, but is there such a thing as too much light, do […]

The History of Autoflowering Strains and Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis ruderalis, a little-known subgroup of the cannabis plant, has played a significant role in developing autoflowering cannabis strains. Autoflowers haven’t always been the most desirable plants to grow in the cannabis community, but they’ve been bred over generations to be able to compete with photoperiod plants. The history of autoflowering seeds and their ruderalis […]