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Minnesota Breweries See Benefits From State’s Cannabis Law

A new cannabis law in Minnesota has the state’s craft brewers buzzing with excitement. Local news station KARE reports that industry leaders “actually sought more regulations of THC-infused beverages as part of the adult-use cannabis bill, and came away very happy with the legislation Gov. Walz signed into law.” According to the station, the new […]

Denton, Texas Officials Reject Cannabis Decriminalization, Ignoring Will of Voters

In November, a huge majority of voters in Denton, Texas approved a measure decriminalizing low-level marijuana offenses. On Tuesday, leaders in the city defied those results. By a margin of 4-3, the Denton city council voted “against adopting the ordinance that would have decriminalized marijuana,” CBS News Texas reported. According to the station, more than […]

Colombia Senators Approve Cannabis Legalization Bill

A bill to legalize cannabis in Colombia passed in the Senate on Tuesday. The primary focus of ending the war on cannabis is directly tied to halting organized crime, and illicit activities and addressing overpopulated prisons. Sen. María José Pizarro, the Senator behind the legislation, wrote in an op-ed last month that current cannabis prohibition […]

Cannabis Retail Ban Finally Lifted in Pasco, Washington

The city of Pasco, Washington this week officially lifted its ten-year ban on cannabis retailers, an historic change for that part of the state.  The city council there voted 5-3 on Monday in favor of zoning changes that will lift the ban, according to the Tri-City Herald.  The newspaper reports that the vote “marks the […]

Minnesota Becomes 23rd State To Legalize Recreational Cannabis

On Tuesday, Gov. Tim Walz signed the cannabis legalization bill into law, officially making Minnesota the 23rd state in the nation to legalize recreational cannabis. At the signing ceremony Tuesday, Walz recognized that prohibition “does not work,” adding that he and fellow lawmakers are looking to start the expungement process for qualifying Minnesotans. Walz also […]

Louisiana House of Representatives Passes Cannabis Expungement Bill

The Louisiana House of Representatives recently passed a bill to improve the state’s expungement program for cannabis possession convictions. Rep. Delisha Boyd sponsored the bill, which passed with a 69-30 vote. “House Bill 286 is a request for a reduction in expungement fees in first offense marijuana. I’ve worked closely with the DA association, sheriffs, […]

Pot Smoking Ban Takes Effect In Amsterdam’s Red Light District

A new era kicked off in Amsterdam’s Red Light District on Thursday, with a ban on smoking cannabis on the streets officially taking effect. The ban is part of a city-wide effort, pushed by Mayor Femke Halsema, to make the famous area more hospitable to its residents and workers. According to Reuters, signs “were posted […]

Colorado Governor Signs Psychedelics Bill

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed a bill into law on May 23 that established a regulatory framework for psychedelic substances.  SB23-290, also called Natural Medicine Regulation and Legalization, was signed just a few weeks after it was approved in the Senate with House amendments. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Steven Fenberg and Rep. Judy […]

Pennsylvania House Members Introduce Bill To Protect Medical Cannabis Users From DUIs

If a bill passes in Pennsylvania, medical cannabis patients will no longer be at risk of being charged with a DUI just because drug tests show the presence of THC in their system, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. However, that doesn’t mean you can drive while impaired if you have a card, nor does it apply […]

Minnesota Senate Casts Final Votes To Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

Early Saturday, the Minnesota Senate voted in favor of legalizing adult-use cannabis. The bill has been passed to the desk of Democratic Gov. Tim Walz for final approval. The bill allows Minnesota residents 21 and older to purchase up to two ounces of cannabis flower, eight grams of concentrate, and 800 milligrams worth of edible […]