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DEA Getting Sued Over Cannabis – By DEA

If we are all a part of the organizations we work for, than this headline is accurate. The DEA is currently getting sued by a former agent over a positive cannabis test. What can come from something like this? And does the DEA have to care? Read on to find out more. DEA getting sued […]

Xylazine – The Next Big Threat, Or Just an Overreaction?

There are some weighty drug issues in America. Whether you’re focused on the opioid crisis, or looking at meth or benzodiazepines, there’s a lot to worry over.  And perhaps amid all this, the media can get carried away. The next big threat getting coverage? A drug called xylazine. Is this one we should be concerned […]

Legalization in Canada Results in Fewer Incidents Between Youth and Cops

Cannabis legalization in Canada has led to a drop in incidents between the country’s youth and its law enforcement, according to data published earlier this spring. The findings, which were published in April in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, found that Canada’s five-year-old marijuana law “was associated with significant reductions in both male and […]

Minnesota Breweries See Benefits From State’s Cannabis Law

A new cannabis law in Minnesota has the state’s craft brewers buzzing with excitement. Local news station KARE reports that industry leaders “actually sought more regulations of THC-infused beverages as part of the adult-use cannabis bill, and came away very happy with the legislation Gov. Walz signed into law.” According to the station, the new […]

GPS Fail Sends Driver With Almost 400 Pounds of Pot to U.S.-Canada Border

The U.S.-Canada border is the last place you want to wind up in the event that you are driving an illegal shipment of nearly 400 pounds of pot and over half a million dollars. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) released a press release on June 5, announcing that an American driver was arrested after […]

Kansas City Royals Partners with Pure Spectrum CBD

The Kansas City Royals officially became the second Major League Baseball (MLB) team to partner with a CBD company last week. Pure Spectrum announced its connection with the Kansas City Royals as a “trusted wellness partner” on Instagram and Facebook. “Pure Spectrum is ecstatic to announce our new partnership with the @kcroyals. We can’t wait […]

Denton, Texas Officials Reject Cannabis Decriminalization, Ignoring Will of Voters

In November, a huge majority of voters in Denton, Texas approved a measure decriminalizing low-level marijuana offenses. On Tuesday, leaders in the city defied those results. By a margin of 4-3, the Denton city council voted “against adopting the ordinance that would have decriminalized marijuana,” CBS News Texas reported. According to the station, more than […]

Colombia Senators Approve Cannabis Legalization Bill

A bill to legalize cannabis in Colombia passed in the Senate on Tuesday. The primary focus of ending the war on cannabis is directly tied to halting organized crime, and illicit activities and addressing overpopulated prisons. Sen. María José Pizarro, the Senator behind the legislation, wrote in an op-ed last month that current cannabis prohibition […]

82-Year-Old German Pot Dealer Gets ‘Very Last Warning’

One octogenarian German is down to his last straw. The Associated Press reports that a court in the northern German town of Aurich “has given an 82-year-old man a ‘last warning’ to avoid jail after he was found guilty of drug dealing, despite 24 previous convictions.” The defendant, identified only as a retired seaman, reportedly […]

Cannabis Retail Ban Finally Lifted in Pasco, Washington

The city of Pasco, Washington this week officially lifted its ten-year ban on cannabis retailers, an historic change for that part of the state.  The city council there voted 5-3 on Monday in favor of zoning changes that will lift the ban, according to the Tri-City Herald.  The newspaper reports that the vote “marks the […]