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New York Details Latest Efforts To Crack Down on Unlicensed Weed Businesses

New York’s state cannabis regulatory agency this week detailed its latest action to crack down on unlicensed cannabis shops. The New York Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) released a report on its efforts, noting it was the second in a monthly series of enforcement action updates against unlicensed cannabis shops across the State. The agency […]

Man in Minnesota Offers Free Grow Classes to the Public

A man in Minnesota is providing free growing and cannabis basics workshops—free to the public—to help people get a foot in the door of the industry. Minnesota allows home cultivation under its recently approved adult-use cannabis law, and residents are eager to see if they have a green thumb. Minnesota adults are allowed to grow […]

New Hampshire Cannabis Commission Fails To Reach Agreement on Legalization Plan

A New Hampshire commission formed to create a cannabis legalization plan for the state held its final meeting this week but failed to produce any recommendations after months of deliberation.  The 19-member commission convened this summer to consider a plan to legalize cannabis for adults under a program that would see retail sales of weed […]

New York Cannabis Regulators Reach Settlement in Lawsuit Blocking Dispensary Openings

New York’s cannabis regulatory agency on Monday announced that it has reached a settlement in two lawsuits that have been blocking the opening of retail weed dispensaries for months. The settlement sets the stage for more than 400 Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) licensees to finally open their businesses after months of waiting for the […]

Record-Breaking $9 Million in Cannabis Sales

Summary: Green Wednesday 2023 marked a significant milestone in the cannabis industry, with recreational cannabis sales reaching over $9 million. This represents an 18.12% increase from 2022, indicating a growing trend in cannabis consumption and market expansion. The Rising Trend of Cannabis: Green Wednesday’s $9 Million Milestone Green Wednesday, the cannabis industry’s answer to Black […]

University Of Minnesota Launches Cannabis Research Center

The University of Minnesota last week launched the new Cannabis Research Center, only six months after the institution was authorized by the state’s marijuana legalization statute. The center, which was established as part of the university’s School of Public Health, will work to assess the impact of cannabis legalization in Minnesota and advise policymakers as […]

Cannabis Loopholes in Thailand to be Fixed in New Legislation

Summary: The Public Health Ministry in Thailand has completed the first draft of the Cannabis-Hemp Act, aiming to close loopholes that allow recreational cannabis use while maintaining its status as a controlled herb. Thailand’s New Cannabis-Hemp Act Targets Recreational Use Loopholes The Public Health Ministry of Thailand has finalized the initial draft of the Cannabis-Hemp […]

South African National Assembly Approves Bill Legalizing Cannabis for Personal Use

Following a major 2018 judgment, which decriminalized the private use of cannabis, it appears that South Africa could finally be inching toward legalization of personal cannabis use. However, there are a number of asterisks — as there often are when it comes to cannabis reform. On Tuesday, the South African National Assembly approved a bill […]

Delaware Beach Towns Line Up To Ban Recreational Pot in Their Jurisdictions

Recreational cannabis was, at long last, made legal in Delaware earlier this year. But several of the state’s beach towns situated along the eastern seaboard have ridden a different wave, opting instead to maintain the prohibition on weed within their respective jurisdictions.  The Delaware News Journal reported this week that “Delaware’s beach towns have taken […]

Study Finds Home Values Higher in States With Legal Weed

Home values in states that have legalized cannabis were higher and grew at a faster rate than in non-legal states, according to a recently published study. The research examining residential real estate prices found that home values in states with recreational cannabis have outpaced home values in other states by $48,983 over the past ten […]