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Despite the moral fuss surrounding the business of cannabis, the economics of the trade speak for themselves.

It’s been predicted by raw stocks and hard analytics alike that, by 2027, the consumer audience for medical and recreational marijuana will be spending upwards of $57 billion on the product.

With the future of marijuana looking so positive, one organization in particular looks to arm potential producers and managers with the knowledge they’ll need to make an impact on the market.

Heading Back to School

Learn Sativa Cannabis College is based in Orlando, Florida. The university offers online classes and in-person seminars that are designed to provide those interested in working in the cannabis industry with the education they need to find success. Their certifications register students as legal producers and merchants in any of the 33 states where medical marijuana has been legalized. They can either help the ambition person either raise her own business or begin working with any of the 3400+ cannabis businesses operating legally in the United States.

Hands-On Learning

You have two options when considering Learn Sativa Cannabis Classes. The first of these is the university’s hands-on seminars. Lessons range in length from eight hours to four weeks. If you’re looking to grow cannabis professionally, then you can join up with a seminar that makes use of the university’s 1000+ square feet of hydroponic and soil gardens in order to educate future growers. Virtual gardens are also used in order to mimic these ecosystems’ long term growth. For those who are more business-minded, LSC’s seminars elaborate on the legalities of marijuana, the plant’s varied history, and the ways to best operate within the existing cannabis market.

Accessible Online Courses

For curious students who aren’t within a reasonable distance of Orlando, Florida, LSC offers online classes. These, too, make use of virtual gardens so that more distant students can still grow familiar with the care and keeping of cannabis. Online management courses also elaborate on dispensary etiquette and offer private coaching and tutoring meant to help students pass their final exams. The level of education you receive through these online courses is in no way less valuable to that you might receive is able to visit LSC’s physical campus. In this, LSC is committed to providing quality education to the students who sign up for their classes. Students, be they present in-person or online, all receive:

  • An easy-to-read cannabis cookbook
  • Step-by-step guide to home growing
  • Access to a distinguished alumni network
  • A library’s worth of online, easy-to-understand videos
  • And more!

Breaking Barriers, Subverting Stereotypes

One of the best things about Learn Sativa Cannabis College is that the faculty and staff express an honest desire for all attending students to succeed in a stigmatized field. The alumni programs available to past students and frequently-updated job board are a mere two examples of the college’s dedication to cannabis excellence. Sharing knowledge about cannabis, its growth, and its sale are at the core of the university’s priorities. It is this information, after all, that will lead successful, ambitious people to take advantage of the market boom that looms inevitably in the field’s future.

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