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You can use four machines for this type of extraction, and they are straightforward to use without much effort involved. That offers maximum efficiency to users.


One piece of extraction equipment for CBD will be the alcohol system. Designed to take the plant’s essentials without harming the plant itself if possible, it has a multi-tank design that will offer recovery technology while having a solvent ratio. The dwelling time is controlled and has selected properties. A warranty is included for one year.

Another machine that you can use will offer triple the work for maximum extraction. The engine produced minimal movement and provided a closed-looped system that works continuously. With the triple machine, you have technical support and SOP to use for your benefit. The technical support can answer any questions or help with an issue that you may come across.


A closed-loop liquid phase separation system is another piece of equipment you might need. Providing users with a system that can convert a thousand pounds per hour, low temperatures, and residence time helps preserve what you need. This piece of equipment offers a chiller and heater along with a warranty if you have any problems. Like others mentioned, this machine offers a warranty should you experience any issues, which will last you one year.


A distillation system is designed to produce distillate in no time at all. Offering two different models that you can use, the right company will have various heads and pieces for you to use. It will also be able to have these additions.

  • High-efficiency vacuum pump
  • Glassware
  • Cold trap
  • Thermocouples
  • Heating top
  • Dual-channel controls for temperature

The proper machine will also have a condenser that has a chiller and heater for maximum efficiency.

The Right Machinery

When you have suitable machines, you should achieve what you need and meet your goals. You will need to ensure that your temperature is correct and precise and understand what this entails. If not, you will need the training to know how to avoid injury. Training is provided for those who need it and a free quote when you go to the company that has what you are looking for.

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