LA Kush Cake Weed Strain Information and Review

You may not be able to eat your cake and have it, but what if you could have your cake and smoke it? Thanks to the LA Kush Cake weed strain, you can.

This tasty cultivar’s sweet and spicy flavor with vanilla undertones is the perfect companion to its euphoric, calming effects. But it inherits more than just great flavor from its top-shelf parents. It took 1st place in the best flower category at the 2019 Emerald Cannabis Cup and again in the 2022 Jack Herer Cup in Las Vegas for best pre-rolls. If these results are anything to go by, LA Kush Cake (aka LA Kush Cake #11) is a hybrid you’ll want in your collection

The ILGM research team does its best to keep all information accurate and up to date, but some details are harder to track down than others. Let’s dive into this LA Kush Cake strain review and discover why this tasty cultivar is making waves on the competitive circuit. 

LA Kush Cake strain genetics

To make a great cake, you need the best ingredients, and for cannabis, it’s no different. To make top-grade cultivars, you need top-grade genetics. And with its blend of the famously tasty Wedding Cake and the potent Kush Mints, LA Kush Cake from Seed Junky Genetics (known for Guava Cake) and Liberty Health Sciences has just that.

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Wedding Cake Strain

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  • 70% indica, 30% sativa
  • THC Levels around 25%
  • Easy growing in- and outdoors
  • Relaxation while remaining sharp

Kush Mints is the legendary offspring of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints, and fans of the hybrid hail its unique, bold aroma and matching flavors. Though experienced users enjoy its potent, fast-acting effect, its average 22-24% THC content certainly isn’t for beginners. Wedding Cake also carries a high THC content averaging in the mid-twenties. Coming from the union of Cherry Pie and the world-famous Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), this indica-dominant hybrid is a prime choice for beginner growers thanks to its impressive resistance to pests, mold, and environmental changes. 

With genes like this running through its veins, it’s unsurprising that the LA Kush Cake cannabis strain is snatching up awards left and right. 

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Is LA Kush Cake strain indica or sativa?

The LA Kush Cake strain sativa or indica dominance is rarely contested, though the exact ratios are debatable. This indica-dominant hybrid fluctuates between ratios of 70:30 and 90:10, depending on the source and supplier. The LA Kush Cake strain price varies from seller to seller as well. 

LA Kush Cake strain attributes

Grow info Attributes
ORIGIN Wedding Cake, Kush Mints
EFFECTS Calm, relaxation, happiness
FLAVORS Sweet, spicy, vanilla, pine, musk
ADVERSE REACTIONS Drowsiness, dry eyes, and thirst
MEDICAL Chronic pain, stress, and anxiety
CBD AND CBG Around 1%
INDICA/SATIVA % 70% – 30%
INDOOR YIELD 8-24 oz (Photoperiod)
1.7-4.2 oz (Autoflower)
OUTDOOR YIELD 16-64 oz (Photoperiod)
1.7-7 oz (Autoflower)
HEIGHT 30-60 inches

Growing LA Kush Cake strain

LA Kush Cake strain seeds are available for purchase online. The marijuana plant grows to around 30-60 inches indoors and up to 80 inches outdoors. It has bushy foliage with broad leaves in shades of deep green with subtle purple hues. The purple tint carries through to the sugar leaves and dense green nuggets littered with light amber hairs. The frosting on this cake is the ridiculous amount of trichome crystals coating every crevice of the buds, giving it a snowy appearance. 

LA Kush Cake strain info suggests it prefers to grow outdoors in a dry, temperate climate with plenty of light and sufficient airflow. Growers say the trichome-drenched buds can easily fall prey to bud rot, so you’ll need to pay attention to your humidity levels – especially if you’re growing indoors.  Sources say it’s relatively easy to cultivate. If you know the basics of growing cannabis, you should do just fine. And if you don’t, you’ve come to the right place for guidance.   

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LA Kush Cake strain flowering time

A baker has to wait for the cake to be done, and cannabis cultivators can relate – especially when growing LA Kush Cake. For all its exceptional qualities, its flowering time is average, leaving you waiting around 8-9 weeks, with harvest around mid-October. On the upside, growers say it emits a diesel aroma that becomes more pungent as it flowers, indicating when it’s ripe for the picking. 

LA Kush Cake strain autoflowering time

The autoflowering version of LA Kush Cake strain, like most other autoflowers, starts blooming quite early. Because it isn’t dependent on light deprivation to start flowering, growers can expect the first buds to appear after four to six weeks. The LA Kush Cake weed strain autoflowers can be harvested after ten to fourteen weeks. That makes its (auto)flowering time between four and ten weeks long.

LA Kush Cake strain yield

A cannabis plant’s average yield depends on several factors, like growing skills, growing conditions, strain genetics, and the size and health of the plant. It also differs between photoperiod and autoflower plants. For photoperiod plants, it’s generally around 16-64 ounces (450-1814 grams) outdoors and 8-24 ounces (227-680 grams) indoors. 

When the conditions are right, growers say LA Kush Cake can be a very generous yielder. And when it comes to trichomes, not many strains can face off with this resinous beauty. Its sticky buds have put it on the radars of extractors and concentrate producers everywhere wanting to get a slice of cake on their dab rigs. 

LA Kush Cake strain autoflower yield

The potential yield per plant for autoflowering plants is 1.7-7 ounces (50-200 grams) outdoors and 1.7-4.2 ounces (50-120 grams) indoors.

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LA Kush Cake strain effects

The comment section of LA Kush Cake strain reviews praises the hybrid’s calming, relaxing effects. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day, easing your worries and gently resting you in a state of happiness and contentment. Many consumers say it helps boost creativity and alleviate discomfort associated with chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. 

LA Kush Cake brings physical calmness and stills the mind while maintaining focus – but these welcomed effects come at a cost. A small cost, but a cost nonetheless. Mostly drowsiness, dry eyes, and thirst, but if you’re a beginner smoker, you could experience mild paranoia. So pace yourself. 

How strong is LA Kush Cake strain?

Look, we all enjoy getting high, but not every strain needs to shoot you to the moon. Sometimes you just want to get stratosphere-high but stay close enough to the ground to function. The LA Kush Cake strain THC level gets you there by averaging around 22% (though some say it can get up to 28%… so hold on tight). And with CBG and CBD content sitting around 1%, it often falls on the medical marijuana shopping list.

LA Kush Cake strain terpenes

Beta-caryophyllene, limonene, humulene, and myrcene (with a touch of borneol) give LA Kush Cake its intense aroma, delectable flavor, and various therapeutic benefits. Myrcene provides an earthy aroma and is an effective sedative and muscle relaxant. Caryophyllene, a natural anti-inflammatory, adds spicy, peppery notes, while humulene provides herbal tones. Limonene adds the citrus element and anti-anxiety properties, and borneol completes the flavor of LA Kush Cake with a floral touch.

Aroma & Flavor

In true dessert fashion, LA Kush Cake’s aroma is distinctly vanilla with a sprinkling of earthy peppermint, giving it a sweet and spicy tinge. Much like its fragrance, the flavor is a pleasant combination of sweet and spicy, with the vanilla taste most prominent on the exhale. There are subtle fruity notes mixed with pine and musk, and the overall scent increases once the buds are crushed. Be ready to share because LA Kush Cake’s alluring fragrance will have all your stoner buddies hovering around you.  

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Learn more about the LA Kush Cake strain.

LA Kush Cake has earned awards and fans from near and far, and rightfully so. It combines all the finest qualities of its legendary parents, from flavor to growability, and rolls them into a candy-flavored joint. If you want to stay updated with more top-grade strains like this one and the latest cannabis seed deals, hit up the ILGM seed bank. It’s a piece of cake.

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