A Month of E-cigarette Use Can Harm Young People Lungs

Summary: A new study reveals that young individuals face significant respiratory symptoms, including bronchitis and shortness of breath, after only 30 days of using electronic cigarettes. The research emphasizes the need for drug regulators to consider these findings and mitigate the adverse health impacts of e-cigarette usage on the youth.

E-cigarette Use Linked to Respiratory Issues in Youth, Study Reveals

Young individuals are at a heightened risk of experiencing severe respiratory symptoms, such as bronchitis and shortness of breath, after merely 30 days of electronic cigarette consumption, as per a study released recently. The research was conducted by the Center for Tobacco Research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Southern California Keck School of Medicine. They utilized four years’ worth of data from online surveys to assess the health repercussions of e-cigarettes on teenagers and young adults. These e-cigarettes produce a vapor containing nicotine and other detrimental substances.

The study, partially funded by the National Institutes of Health, adds to the growing body of evidence suggesting that e-cigarette consumption is linked to an elevated risk of respiratory symptoms. The researchers have called upon drug regulators to take these findings into account and strive to reduce the negative health effects of e-cigarettes on the younger generation.

More and more young adults are vaping

Over the past decade, e-cigarettes have ensnared a new generation in nicotine addiction, jeopardizing the health of countless children, teenagers, and young adults. This threatens the progress made in curbing youth tobacco consumption. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that e-cigarette usage among youths and young adults in the U.S. now surpasses that of the overall adult population.

Despite federal efforts to curb their marketing and flavors, e-cigarette sales soared by nearly 50% during the first two years of the Covid pandemic. This surge was primarily driven by disposable products with sweet and fruity flavors, which have always been a hit among teenagers. Brands like Puff Bar, Elf Bar, and Breeze Smoke, which have not received approval from the Food and Drug Administration, have even outpaced the pioneering vaping brand, Juul, in terms of popularity.

Alayna Tackett, a pediatric psychologist and researcher at the Center for Tobacco Research, emphasized that e-cigarettes are not devoid of risks. She stated that the primary objective should be to prevent young individuals from starting and continuing e-cigarette usage, deeming it a vital public health goal.

Source: CNBC

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