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Looking for a vape pen that does wax, oil and dry herbs with one vaporizer pen? Check out the Konyo Vape Pen!

The Triad by Konyo gives you a complete 3-in-1 pen with everything you need for inhalable consumption of oils, wax and even dry herb at a competitively low price.

  • Dry Herb Pen – The Flower chamber is built to be extremely efficient with the eternal heat with minimal escape, allowing for instant vaporization of plant matter
  • Oil Pen – Oil vaporizer is super fast and oil heats up as atomizer reaches temperature instantly.
  • Wax Pen – The wax pen will work with most forms of thick hash oils as well as pure wax concentrates with ease. The compact heating chamber eliminates leakage and is ready in under 6 seconds./li>

The unit is able to cleanly vape oils with a special 12 wick tank system, and can heat and vaporize dry herbs or wax in seconds with the herbal vaporizer cartridge and wax attachment. The oil and wax attachment can quickly be traded out for the herb chamber and no matter which attachment you are using, and you get the same instant heat up time.


The unit comes in a slim and sleek design and is easily portable by itself, or in it’s convenient transport case which holds all the necessary attachments.  All needed components screw together so there is no worry about the tank coming off or losing a mouthpiece. Each and every Konyo is based on three simple ideas: lightweight and portable, delivers speed with functionality, and uses only the highest quality parts.

What makes the Konyo better/unique?

  • High quality parts
  • Features a patented Intelli-Chip that produces the fastest heat up time and ensures the correct temperature with every push of the button
  • Advanced components and better lithium batteries
  • Ultra efficient heating chambers


The Triad features:

  • Wax adapter
  • Dry herb cartridge
  • Tank for CBD and oils
  • 3 in 1 vaporizer

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