Best Grow Tent Kits Of 2023

Growing marijuana indoors is a popular choice for many cannabis growers. Indoors, growers can control their plant’s environment and minimize pest issues. Additionally, many growers use indoor grow tent kits when constructing their indoor grow space. Grow tents come in many sizes, but even small grow tent kits include three key components: tent, light, and inline fan. This article will discuss basic grow tent kits for beginners, as well as some advanced options as well.

Grow Tent Options

Grow tents come in many sizes. Growers can fill an entire room with a 12ft x 12ft  (3.7m x 3.7m) grow tent or occupy a corner with a 2’ x 2’ (0.6m x 0.6m) tent. Professional growers often use a 4ft x 8ft (1.2m x 2.4m) tent or larger to fulfill commercial demand. 

Although you can go large, most personal consumption growers prefer small grow tent kits. Small grow tent kits have a 5ft x 5ft (1.5m x 1.5m) or smaller footprint. This article divides small grow tents into two categories: beginner grow tent kits, and hobby-level grow tent kits. The difference is the number of plants they can contain.

Why buy a grow tent kit?

Purchasing your first indoor grow tent kit can be exciting time for any grower. One advantage of purchasing a grow tent kit is the convenience. All of the pieces arrive simultaneously. You’re not stuck with a light and waiting another week for the tent to arrive. With small grow tent kits, you can start playing with your new toys as soon as they arrive. Whether you are a new grower or an old grower, it’s hard to beat the excitement of setting up a new kit.

You have options! Many kinds of indoor grow tent kits are available; some include a few of the major items, while others have every little detail and tool covered. There are a variety of prices, as well as quality levels. We’ll cover some of the pros and cons below. After reading this section, you can decide for yourself which kind of small grow tent kit will be the right one for you.

Pros and cons of buying a ready-made cannabis grow kit

Grow tent kits for beginners are a great idea, especially for those overwhelmed by the number of choices when setting up a proper grow. Simply select an all-inclusive kit and be done with it. A drawback to this approach would be for growers who already have some of this gear or want to mix and match their ideal set-up. Both approaches are correct; it boils down to your preference.


For growers who are excited to get started but don’t want to spend hours researching all of the latest options, small grow tent kits are for you. Indoor grow tent kits range from the basic three components to everything, including soil and eye protection. Whatever your comfort level, there is a grow tent kit to meet your needs. 

With small grow tent kits, growers know the pieces will fit together properly. The inline fan has the proper air exchanging capacity for the tent’s dimensions. You know the carbon filter will fit the collar on the inline fan. All of these little details are accounted for. Added bonus? By buying this equipment as a designated kit, growers usually save money compared to buying the pieces individually. 


Certain growers may find some drawbacks to buying all-inclusive indoor grow tent kits. Experienced gardeners will lose control of their choices, or they may be buying redundant or unwanted gear. For example, many grow tent kits come with analog timers. I prefer and will only use digital timers (you can learn more about that in our article about the Best timers for grow lights). These drawbacks tend to be small. .

Your indoor grow tent kit is only as good as the company that makes it. This means, you must consider the company’s primary product when buying a kit.  Do they have a great reputation for making grow tents, but their in-house lighting brand is less than optimal? Would you feel comfortable buying a complete kit from that company, knowing you might get a great tent but rolling the dice on the lights? Consider the strengths of the companies and the products you choose in your kit. Some kits on the market will mix and match products from different brands to assemble a worthy indoor grow tent kit.

Is it cheaper to build your own tent?

Like many questions related to growing cannabis, it depends. If materials are cheap locally, but grow tent kits need to be imported, which includes duties and taxes, building a tent may be cheaper. Usually, the cost of materials, tools, and time equals the price of a professionally constructed grow tent. 

Although DIY grow tents can be made to fit custom footprints, manufactured grow tents are built better and generally last longer.

If you want ideas for the top DIY grow tent styles, check out our article – How to build a DIY grow tent for a complete list of materials and step-by-step instructions.

What items usually come with a marijuana grow tent kit?

Small grow tent kits will come with three key items as the base gear, and then from there, has customizations to include items like circulating fans, pots, nutrients, SCROG nets, etc. The base gear has three pieces. These key items are the most important pieces of equipment contributing to your success in the garden. With any kit, evaluate the quality and read the reviews for the following three items.

  1. Tent – Check for reviews regarding light leaks or zipper problems
  2. Lighting – The industry has moved beyond HID lighting; look for kits with LED
  3. Inline fan / Carbon filter – Exhaust ducting and clamps to attach the duct should be included as well

What items don’t come with a grow tent kit?

Without going into every little component down to a plant marker tag, a few necessities are missing from most cannabis grow tent kits. Most new growers (and experienced growers) prefer to use soil or coco as a medium. These items are heavy and cost a lot of money to ship. They are usually not included in cannabis grow tent kits. 

Neither are the pots to put them in or the watering can to feed them. There are also many nutrient options to decide on. Companies making grow tent kits leave that decision to the grower. Your plants need much more than a grow tent kit; the biggest contributor to your success that doesn’t come in any of the marijuana grow tent kits is good genetics. You can find some awesome seeds with great genetics in our store..

Marijuana grow tent kits will have the big pieces packaged together, but the little details are left to the grower.

Marijuana seeds do not come with your grow tent either, but luckily at ILGM we have a large assortment of the best cannabis seeds to grow indoors. Shop now by clicking below.

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  • Indoor-thriving plants
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  • Feminized and autoflowers seeds

What to consider when buying a ready-made grow kit?

  • Location and available space: 

Your house has many locations that are ideal for growing cannabis.First, consider where you will place your ready-made grow tent kit. Tents will almost always be square or rectangular. Does that fit in your designated area? 

Next, set an amount of money you’d like to spend, an amount you could spend up to, and then an amount you could have if you waited one more month of saving. Now, let the shopping begin.

  • Manufacturer and quality:

Brand longevity and reputation are important to consider. Check reviews from various sources, and read the good and the bad. Ask yourself, will I be growing in one year? Will I wish I had more space in the tent for a few more plants? The answers are usually yes and yes. If possible, buy slightly larger than you currently need; this will allow you to expand without the need to purchase new equipment.

  • Quality of the LED lights:

It’s odd, yet a few of the indoor cannabis grow tent kits for beginners have included lights that are underpowered for the size of the tent. This can limit your quality and yield.

To determine if your kit’s lighting is suitable, check out our article discussing the best LED grow lights and look for the section “How many watts of LED grow lights do I need?”.

I discovered this mismatch in a small percentage of grow tent kits, so it is worth checking before buying.

A list of the best ready-made grow kits for beginning cannabis growers

Below, we’ve listed eight brands offering  indoor grow tent kits. Although we’ve highlighted one particular model and size, each company offers a variety of sizes to fit growers’ needs. We placed tents that hold 2-4 plants in the beginner grow tent kit category. Our hobby-level grow tent kit category focused on larger tents because growers can have more plants in them.

Many of the companies listed below have been around for years. They have had the time to receive product feedback and progressively improve their products. Having a track record is important because it reveals the quality of not only the products but of the customer service as well. Always look at reviews from multiple sources before making your purchasing decision. 

Four grow tent kits for beginners

In this category, we considered kits with a smaller footprint. Many new growers are hesitant to commit too much space to the hobby. However, most quickly learn that they enjoy the art of gardening and want to expand and have more plants. To discover how many plants fit in the different sizes of grow tents, visit our article – How many plants can you grow in a grow tent? 


GROW KIT from Budgrower

Most beginner grow tent kits don’t come as complete as this kit from The BudGrower. This all-in-one solution includes everything from eye protection to an extension cord and gloves. The BudGrower indoor grow tent kit makes an ideal solution for new growers overwhelmed by the plethora of options. This kit stands out from the rest due to the completeness it offers. (**Hint – make a checklist of items)


  • Key three components (light, tent, inline fan)
  • Quality materials – On par with industry standards
  • Complete tool kit
  • All items arrive at the same time
  • Many components can be used in other tents later


  • You might already have some of this equipment
  • Shipping may cost more due to the weight of the soil
  • Locked into their product selection


Smart grow kit from Vivosun

VIVOSUN is a brand name trusted by many home growers for their small grow tent kit needs. This kit offers great potential for home growers with limited space. It is also an excellent choice for gardeners who like to customize and use their own soil blends and nutrients. 


  • Key three components
  • Quality materials – On par with industry standards
  • Provides flexibility, allowing growers to personalize other components
  • Integrated Smart controller with thermometer and hygrometer
  • Monitor grow room conditions from your devices (cell phone, tablet, etc.)


  • Growers will need to purchase other pieces before growing
  • The light is underpowered
  • May be cheaper to buy pieces individually from other brands

Super Closet, or other grow box 

Hydroponic Growtent

When beginner growers aren’t worried about the budget, solutions like the SuperStar from Super Closet are an excellent option. These units offer a discrete appearance, which can help conceal your indoor garden if your tent sits in an open room. Grow boxes like this are fully contained and generally use hydroponics instead of soil growing. 


  • Key three components
  • High-quality light
  • Hydroponic growing = faster, larger growth
  • Discrete appearance
  • Low maintenance system


  • Expensive compared to similar small grow tent kit options
  • Can’t be quickly disassembled in case of inspection
  • Hydroponics can be more difficult to learn compared to soil growing

Package deals

Growtent beginners

Many marijuana grow tent kits consist of products manufactured by the same company. Beginner growers can expand their options by looking at popular grow equipment-based websites for package deals. These indoor grow tent kits mix and match products from different brands to offer what the online retailer feels is a superior combination for cultivating.

Some online retailers will let you custom-build your package. Cultivators can choose which brand and how many items to include. Exercise caution; this may be a fancy way of selling individual items without a discount for purchasing as a package. In many cases, however, you can find exactly the components you desire and save a little bit of money by assembling a custom package. 


  • Purchase only the gear you need or as much as you want
  • Ability to choose by brand preference
  • It can save money compared to individually buying each piece
  • Equipment is shipped together
  • It saves growers from over-researching the plethora of options


  • It may be more expensive compared to similar “pre-packaged” grow tent kit options
  • Customer service and warranty claims with numerous companies instead of one
  • Smart controllers may not be beneficial if the integral pieces do not communicate

Four hobby-level grow tent kits

In this category, we explored grow tent kit options with a footprint of at least 4ft x 4ft (1.2m x 1.2m). Growers utilizing this footprint will often have more than a couple plants at one time. A reasonable supply of cannabis flower for 2-3 adult consumers can be grown in 4ft x 4ft (1.2m x 1.2m) or 5ft x 5ft (1.5m x 1.5m) indoor tent kits each grow cycle.

Spider Farmer 

Growkit Spider Farmer

Spider Farmer offers growers flexibility in their options. This unique approach allows growers to pick the pieces they need. The available options can work for a variety of budgets. The selections cover most of the basics, although there will still be a few items like soil and nutrients to purchase later.


  • Key three components
  • Quality materials – On par with industry standards
  • Customizable
  • Options for seed starting and post-harvest
  • Smart Controller integration 


  • Only one access door
  • Poles aren’t as thick as select competitors (these poles are rated for 150 lbs [68 kg], which is more than adequate)
  • No mounting plate for the smart controller on the front of the tent

Mars Hydro

Grow kit Mars Hydro

Mars Hydro is another familiar name amongst indoor growers. This 4ft x 4ft (122cm x 122cm) offering looks very similar to the Spider Farmer tent and inline fan design. Still, the subtle difference is the preference for lights, the primary product of each company. 

Manufacturers use different diode brands (e.g. Samsung, Bridgelux, Osram, etc.) or models (Samsung LM301B or Samsung LM301H), giving each brand a unique lighting spectrum. This small detail tends to build brand loyalty for lighting manufacturers.


  • Key three components
  • Quality materials – On par with industry standards
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Includes timer, grow bags, and trellis net
  • Five-year warranty


  • Only one access door
  • Not all reviews are great ones (although this remains a highly popular and used brand)
  • No Smart controls for monitoring conditions or controlling fan speed based on set parameters

AC Infinity

Advanced Grow tent - AC Infinity

AC Infinity is a brand known for its higher-than-average build quality and industry-leading customer service. However, you will pay a little more for this gear. Still, the aforementioned facts negate the hesitation of growers working with a larger budget. This hobby-level grow kit comes with two oscillating fans, which are essential for moving air within the canopy. 


  • Key three components
  • Quality materials – above industry standards
  • Multiple access doors
  • Smart controller integration
  • Mounting plate for Smart controller on the front of the tent


  • Lighting is not their primary product
  • The capabilities of the Smart controller may overwhelm new growers (although they aren’t required for the equipment to function)
  • May not be available worldwide

Gorilla tent

Grow kit - Gorilla

Gorilla Grow tents have a long and celebrated reputation in the indoor growing community. Their gear has stood up to the stresses of commercial-type uses and still features one of the tallest ceiling heights available. Known for durability, these tents also feature a 1ft (30.48cm) extension if growing large sativa plants is your jam.

This indoor grow tent kit selects upper-end products for every aspect of its kit. The special LED light has precision controls for UV / IR and spectrum. These options give growers unique control and can be used to maximize yield. For people working with an unlimited budget, this small grow tent kit would be worth investigating.


  • Key three components
  • Quality materials – well above industry standards
  • Tallest tent on the market
  • Customizable light spectrum
  • Available as soil or hydroponic kit


  • Large investment for new growers
  • Typically takes two people to assemble
  • Overkill for a person seeking to grow 1-2 plants……. But you can also grow into it over time!


There are many types of grow tent kits for beginners, and growers can find kits with just the basics, all the way to the complete package. Prices will vary based on size and manufacturer, but there is a kit for every budget. The brands listed in this article also have additional indoor grow tent kits in different sizes, which you can explore to fit your needs.

Buying online can be a great option for growers without access to these components locally, and many of the companies listed in this article ship products worldwide. Piecing together your own collection of gear can be exciting for some but exhaustive for others. Small grow tent kits are perfect for the latter. 

One thing that experience has taught me is to buy at least a little bit larger than you currently think you will use. This can apply to the tent size, the light strength, and even the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of the inline fan. Odds are, you are going to enjoy this hobby. If you buy a kit that just meets your current needs, you may find yourself buying a whole new indoor grow tent kit shortly thereafter….. The bright side to that scenario is you now have two set-ups and can run a perpetual harvest.

How did you get started with grow gear? Did you piece together a kit, or did you find a grow tent kit for beginners? Have you ever gone the DIY tent route? We’d enjoy it if you would share your experience in the comments below.

In trade, we’d love to offer you a free copy of Robert’s Grow Bible. Here you’ll learn how to grow the best cannabis, which you can master after your indoor tent grow kit arrives. Pick up seeds at ILGM today and get your grow adventure started.

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