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DEA Getting Sued Over Cannabis – By DEA

If we are all a part of the organizations we work for, than this headline is accurate. The DEA is currently getting sued by a former agent over a positive cannabis test. What can come from something like this? And does the DEA have to care? Read on to find out more. DEA getting sued […]

1933 Industries Inc. Begins Sales In Colorado, Launches New Product Line And Signs Reciprocal Licensing Deal With Denver Dab Co. – Cannabis Hemp Blog

Under the terms of the Agreement, DDC has begun manufacturing and distributing Infused’s Canna Hemp CBD and hemp-based products on an exclusive basis to retail cannabis dispensaries in Colorado. DDC’s high quality concentrates and pure cannabis oils will initially infuse Canna Hemp’s CBD Body Lotions, lip balms and CBD Relief Cream, with more products added in […]

Xylazine – The Next Big Threat, Or Just an Overreaction?

There are some weighty drug issues in America. Whether you’re focused on the opioid crisis, or looking at meth or benzodiazepines, there’s a lot to worry over.  And perhaps amid all this, the media can get carried away. The next big threat getting coverage? A drug called xylazine. Is this one we should be concerned […]

Nevada Organic Phosphate Appoints Garry Smith, P.Geo. as Director – Cannabis Hemp Blog

Nevada Organic Phosphate Inc. (“NOP” or the “Company) (CSE: NOP), a BC based company engaged in the exploration, in Nevada, for organic, sedimentary raw rock phosphate, is pleased to announce the appointment Garry K Smith, P.Geo to the Board of Directors. “Garry will help strengthen the Board’s focus on identifying and achieving strategic corporate growth […]

Cannabis Research at Universities, Crackdown on Unlicensed Dispensaries, Cultivate Festival, and more!

Start your day with our News Update, where we bring you a comprehensive roundup of the latest headlines from the past 24 hours. In this edition, we cover many different topics from the cannabis and psychedelics industries relating to business, research, policy, culture, and so much more! Join us as we dive into the latest […]

Five Key Benefits of Medical Cannabis Tincture – Cannabis Hemp Blog

And as it turns out, anyone looking to exploit some of these health benefits of cannabis can always look to medical cannabis tincture, especially if smoking is not your thing. Tinctures are simply liquid concentrates of cannabis Interestingly, they’ve been around and were sold in pharmacies before the prohibition took effect in the 1930s. Today, […]

Legalization in Canada Results in Fewer Incidents Between Youth and Cops

Cannabis legalization in Canada has led to a drop in incidents between the country’s youth and its law enforcement, according to data published earlier this spring. The findings, which were published in April in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, found that Canada’s five-year-old marijuana law “was associated with significant reductions in both male and […]

Psychedelic Conversations at Madame ZuZu’s Emporium

In the 19th century, French revolutionaries gathered in salons to talk politics and philosophy. In 2023, a group of Chicago medical professionals meet at Billy Corgan’s whimsical tea salon, Madame ZuZu’s Emporium in Highland Park, IL., to talk psychedelics.  Once a month, over cups of exotic tea and plant-based pastries, Madame ZuZu’s is abuzz with […]

Canntab Therapeutics Files 11 Patent Applications Related to Pharmaceutical Cannabis – Cannabis Hemp Blog

Canntab Therapeutics Limited (CSE: PILL) (formerly Telferscot Resources Inc.) (“Canntab” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it continues to expand its extensive intellectual property portfolio through the recent filing of 3 additional US patent applications and 1 international (Patent Cooperation Treaty or “PCT”) application. Canntab’s portfolio now includes 11 patent applications in the […]

Minnesota Breweries See Benefits From State’s Cannabis Law

A new cannabis law in Minnesota has the state’s craft brewers buzzing with excitement. Local news station KARE reports that industry leaders “actually sought more regulations of THC-infused beverages as part of the adult-use cannabis bill, and came away very happy with the legislation Gov. Walz signed into law.” According to the station, the new […]