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New Genetic Study Uncovers Genes Linked to Cannabis Addiction

Summary: A comprehensive genetic study, analyzing over one million genomes, has identified specific DNA regions potentially linked to cannabis addiction. This research also reveals connections between these genetic regions and other health conditions, such as lung cancer and schizophrenia. How might these genetic findings influence future approaches to treating and preventing cannabis addiction? In a […]

Hawaii Legalization Plan Via Attorney General

Hawaii had a difficult time with cannabis legalization efforts under previous Governor Ige. With Ige now gone, Hawaii has a new plan, which was put forth by the attorney general of the state. New Hawaii legalization plan As per a November 17th report in Hawaii News Now, Hawaii’s Attorney General Anne Lopez, who had stated […]

Indiana Study Group Pushing for Medical Psilocybin

There are reforms taking place all over the US for cannabis and psychedelics (like psilocybin); And Even Indiana Might Be Involved. Indiana study group pushing for medical psilocybin As of right now, there is no legal change in Indiana drug policy, and no bill that’s being promoted. The current news story is like an opening […]

German Legislature in Agreement on New Cannabis Bill

The German legislature has been trying to finalize a new cannabis legalization bill; in light of EU rejection of its original plan. Here’s info on the revised legislation to be voted on next week. German cannabis bill Though we don’t have a formal text to go over yet, we do know some of the updates […]

New President of Ecuador Makes Drug Possession Illegal Again

Ecuador’s newly-elected president has re-outlawed drug possession just a few days after taking power as part of a campaign promise to crack down on narcotics trafficking. President Daniel Noboa announced Thursday, less than two days after taking office, that he would be changing the nation’s drug laws to once again make possession of small amounts […]

EMCDDA Report: What EU Drug Market Looks Like

The legal landscape of cannabis is changing in the EU; but how does this affect its illicit presence, or the overall illicit drug market? New EMCDDA report gets into it. What is EMCDDA? If you keep up on international politics concerning drugs, you’ve probably heard of this agency. The EMCDDA is the European Monitoring Centre […]

If Marijuana Is Legal, So Is Using It While Pregnant. Case In Point:

Marijuana use while pregnant in a legal state, is not a crime. A recent story highlights this point, and the inanity of treating weed users like criminals. Drugs and pregnancy Automatically this is a controversial topic, although some aspects of it, are not. Very few people actually believe that it’s good, or even not dangerous, […]

Napoleon Bonaparte Banned Cannabis Because His Soldiers Were Getting Too High

In Ridley Scott’s historical epic Napoleon, the titular French conqueror, played by Joaquin Phoenix, marches into the deserts of Egypt and orders his soldiers to aim their cannons at the pyramids. The whole scene is a fabrication – one Scott, who directed the equally sensational Gladiator, also starring Phoenix, has already been called out by […]

South Dakota Opposing Ballot Measures for Cannabis

The battle is on in South Dakota; where no less than four possible ballot measures related to cannabis, are now under consideration. Two voter ballot measures in South Dakota for legalization In a minute I’ll get to why its weird that South Dakota has any voter ballot measures to legalize recreational cannabis at all. But, […]

Japan Is Banning HHC-H Found in Psychoactive Gummies

Summary: Japan’s health ministry expert panel has decided to officially add the HHC-H synthetic compound, found in psychoactive gummies, to a drug list. The ban will take effect from December 2, 2023. Japan’s Strict Stance on Cannabis: Banning HHC-H in Gummies The Japanese government is taking a significant step in its drug regulation policies by […]