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US Drug Shortages Have People Exploring Alternative Options 

As if we didn’t have enough modern-day conflicts already, we can now add drug shortages to the list as well. Last week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a troubling shortage of life-saving medications – of particular concern are 14 medications that are used in oncology settings.   In total, new drug shortages increased by […]

Daily News June 5th – Mushroom Extracts in Pot Edibles, FL Cannabis Legalization, NJ Revoking Licenses, E-Cig Concerns, and more!

Welcome to today’s edition of Daily News, where we bring you a comprehensive roundup of the latest headlines from the past 72 hours. In this edition, we cover a wide range of subjects, including Recreational Drugs, Cannabis, MDMA, and CBD. Stay informed with the following news items: Government Bans 14 Fixed Dose Combination Drugs Citing […]

Join Us at Psychedelic Science 2023 – The Most Anticipated Industry Event of the Year!

The psychedelics industry is growing rapidly, and everyone’s trying to learn more about it and get a piece of the pie. The best way to do this, and to make lasting connections with like-minded individuals, is by attending an industry-related event. With so many to choose from, it can get a bit dizzying trying to […]

From Sedation to Altered Reality

Muscimol is a naturally occurring psychoactive compound with a history as rich and diverse as the mushrooms from which it is derived. Most notably found in the Amanita muscaria, commonly known as the fly agaric or fly amanita, muscimol is responsible for the characteristic psychoactive effects associated with this iconic red-and-white mushroom. When ingested, muscimol […]

How Your DNA Can Impact Psychedelic Experiences

Getting high on hallucinogenic drugs, otherwise known as a psychedelic trip, can be an unpredictable experience ranging from incredible joyous bliss, fear and despair, establishing deep connections, or sometimes, simply crazy, confusing, and all over the place. Set and setting, which refers to a range of psychological and environmental preparations a person can make to […]

Salem is Latest City in MA to Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms 

Salem is one of the oldest and most interesting cities in our nation. First settled in the early 1600s, it was the second official community in Massachusetts, following Plymouth a few years prior. Perhaps one of the most infamous (and disturbing) points in the town’s history was the witch trials of 1692 in which at […]

Death Toll Rising: Overdose Deaths 2022 Released

The numbers from the last few years are not encouraging. It seems these days people are dropping left and right, and the main culprit is doctor prescribed medication. Recent data released by the US government shows an increase – though minor – in overdose deaths for 2022. Read on for more info. Overdose deaths 2022 […]

THCA Loophole Is Making the Government Scramble

Loopholes are fun. They provide a way to get around a law, without really breaking it; by taking advantage of inconsistencies or gaps in specifics. Sometimes they really exist, and sometimes they’re ideas that are simply not worth fighting by regulators. The most recent loophole to rock the cannabis world, is surrounding the use of […]

Finland Initiative for Recreational Cannabis To Go Before Parliament

Germany is plugging away at establishing its watered down version of a cannabis legalization, which is a let down from its original plan for a full-fledged market. Now, Finland is trying its luck at getting some kind of recreational cannabis legalization, which is quite a turn around for the ice-cold EU country. Finland and cannabis […]

Minnesota About to Become 23rd Adult-Use State

Minnesota lawmakers recently passed a bill for adult-use cannabis, and sent it to the governor’s office. The expected signature will make the state the 23rd in America to legalize recreational cannabis. The funny thing? Though this legalization would be full-scale, Minnesota has allowed a weed edible products market, since last year. News on Minnesota as […]