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How Your DNA Can Impact Psychedelic Experiences

Getting high on hallucinogenic drugs, otherwise known as a psychedelic trip, can be an unpredictable experience ranging from incredible joyous bliss, fear and despair, establishing deep connections, or sometimes, simply crazy, confusing, and all over the place. Set and setting, which refers to a range of psychological and environmental preparations a person can make to […]

Danger of Marijuana Use While Pregnant… Or a Smear Campaign?

Smear campaigns are all around, and can usually be identified by their unbacked arguments, and lacking information. Such is the case with the study I’ll go over today on whether marijuana causes issues if used while pregnant. What does the study say, what is it leaving out, and what does this mean? You can form […]

Biotech Company Seeks FDA Approval For Psilocybin-IBS Treatment

Tryp Therapeutics announced on Wednesday that it had “submitted an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its planned Phase 2a clinical trial investigating the effects of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy in the treatment of patients aged 21+ suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).” The […]

Discover the Power of CBG Oil for Effective Pain Relief – Cannabis Hemp Blog

Millions of people all around the world deal with the uncomfortable and frequently debilitating ailment known as pain. Even while there are tried-and-true methods for pain management, an increasing number of people are looking into nonconventional treatments, such as CBG oil. Cannabigerol, sometimes known as CBG, is a kind of cannabinoid that does not produce […]

CBD The New Craze for Pets – Cannabis Hemp Blog

But that has not stopped the rise in CBD products made for pets, particularly dogs. The emphasis of the CBD is to treat illnesses and medical conditions that their pets are facing, most notably the following; Arthritis Seizures Pain Management & More As a result, the CBD industry now offers many pet-oriented products that include […]

Nebraska Might Catch Up with Medical Cannabis Ballot

The conversations regarding cannabis and the US, are usually about which state is about to pass a recreational measure, or where the federal government is with legalization. But for a few choice states, there is still no cannabis allowance at all. Like Nebraska, which is only now getting its stuff together for a medical cannabis […]

fMRI Study Shows MDMA Might Lessen PTSD Reaction

MDMA is one of two hallucinogenic compounds that is likely to get an approval soon in the US. Mainly because of its benefits for PTSD patients. How does it do what it does? A recent study using brain imaging helps explain how MDMA might help lessen the fear response in people with PTSD. Read on […]

Weed Legalization Has Contributed to a Decrease in Tobacco Use

A study published in the Journal of Health Economics addresses the topic of tobacco use in the wake of cannabis legalization. Entitled “Have recreational marijuana laws undermined public health progress on adult tobacco use?” researchers found that cannabis reform in individual states has led to decreased tobacco use. The study was conducted by Bentley University, […]

Cordyceps Gummies: Your Daily Dose of Vitality

Cordyceps gummies are a vibrant and palatable way to harness the remarkable vitality of Cordyceps mushrooms. Hailing from the world of functional mushrooms, these edibles present an array of potential health advantages, such as boosted energy, enhanced athletic performance, adaptability to stress, and improved metabolic function. Let’s plunge into the exciting realm of Cordyceps mushrooms […]

Do Genetics Play a Role in Addiction? 

Many of us have heard the term “addictive personality”; obviously in reference to people who seem to struggle with addictive tendencies more than others. When most people think of addiction, they think of drugs and alcohol, but many behaviors and activities can be addictive as well, such as gambling, sex, and eating. Statistics are all […]