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California Gov. Gavin Newsom To Review 17 Cannabis, Psychedelics Bills

As of the California State Legislature ended on Sept. 14, more than 17 cannabis or psychedelic bills were sent to California Gov. Gavin Newsom to potentially be signed. The bills include a wide variety of proposals, which Newsom must either sign, veto, or refuse to sign and allow them to be approved without his signature. […]

Pot Odor Does Not Justify Probable Cause for Vehicle Searches, Minnesota Court Affirms

If Minnesota police search a vehicle solely based upon the smell of pot, they can’t justify searching a vehicle, even if there is evidence found of other alleged crimes. Even after appealing a lower court decision to suppress the evidence—twice—the Minnesota Supreme Court agreed, and the dismissal of his charges stands. In a ruling filed […]

South African Police Won’t Arrest You for Growing Weed in Your House (Or Your Car)

The South African Police Service has confirmed that they will no longer be bothering to arrest anybody for personal-use cultivation or possession of cannabis. “In short, possession, use and cultivation of cannabis by an adult, for personal consumption, in private, is permitted. In contrast, dealing in cannabis is not permitted, therefore commercialization of cannabis is […]

Congressman Introduces Bill To Withhold Federal Funding From States With Legal Weed

Rep. Chuck Edwards, who represents a district in western North Carolina, unveiled the “Stop Pot Act” on Friday, saying that the bill “will withhold 10 percent of federal highway funds for governments that violate federal law under the Controlled Substances Act, which prohibits recreational marijuana and classifies it as a Schedule I drug.” The legislation […]

Bahamas Considers Weed Legalization for Religious, Medical Use

Government officials in the Bahamas last week introduced a number of measures that would dramatically change the country’s marijuana laws, including one proposal that would legalize cannabis for religious and medical purposes. The Associated Press reports that the Bahamian government introduced “several bills” aimed at marijuana reform. One, according to the AP, would decriminalize possession […]

Missouri Foster Parents Can Now Legally Possess, Grow Cannabis in Their Homes

Foster parents in Missouri can now legally possess and grow cannabis in their homes. This news results from an emergency rule the state Department of Social Services filed last week. However, of course, there are guidelines. Foster parents must store their cannabis in a manner “so as to be inaccessible to the children,” the rule […]

Duluth, Minnesota Bans Pot Smoking in Public Parks

Officials in Duluth, Minnesota this week approved an ordinance that will ban smoking marijuana in all city parks. The passage of the measure came about two weeks after a new state law allowing recreational cannabis use for adults aged 21 and older took effect on August 1. Minnesota Public Radio reports that the newly passed […]

German Cabinet Approves Plan To Liberalize Pot Laws

Germany took a major step toward marijuana reform on Wednesday when the country’s cabinet approved a bill that will liberalize its cannabis laws. The approval comes a month after the country’s ministry of health released the draft bill of the new marijuana regulations. After Wednesday, the measure still must be approved by the German parliament […]

Oregon Governor Rejects Cannabis Banking Bill

Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek recently rejected a bill that would have created a State Public Bank Task Force. The 19-person team would have studied the pros and cons related to a cannabis business banking solution in the form of a public bank and would have proposed recommendations for implementation.  Chief sponsors included Rep. Mark Gamba, […]

U.S. Lawmakers File Bill To Ease Federal Employment Restrictions On Cannabis Use

A bipartisan pair of U.S. lawmakers last week introduced legislation to ease federal employment restrictions on cannabis use that deny employment opportunities for past and current marijuana users. The bill, titled the Cannabis Users Restoration of Eligibility (CURE) Act, was introduced on July 27 by Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland and Representative Nancy Mace, […]