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Ohio Congressman To File Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill

Republican U.S. Representative David Joyce of Ohio will soon introduce a new bill to legalize cannabis at the federal level, according to a report from Forbes published on Wednesday.  The new legislation is characterized as a “modernized” version of a bill Joyce introduced in 2019 known as the STATES Act. Although the measure has not […]

Minnesota Adult-Use Cannabis Sales Set for 2025

Minnesota is still trucking along with building up its cannabis team. Star Tribune recently interviewed Charlene Briner, who explained the current status and challenges of the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM). “I am here for a little longer than anybody had planned, at least through the early part of 2024,” Briner told Star Tribune. “I […]

Recreational Pot Surges in Rhode Island’s First Year of Legal Sales

Local news outlet WPRI reported last week that the state’s Office of Cannabis Regulation says that recreational marijuana sales “have steadily increased almost monthly over the past year, and the estimated sales for Fiscal Year 2024 is $76 million.” “That sales estimate, if met, would translate into more than $15 million in state and local […]

Man in Minnesota Offers Free Grow Classes to the Public

A man in Minnesota is providing free growing and cannabis basics workshops—free to the public—to help people get a foot in the door of the industry. Minnesota allows home cultivation under its recently approved adult-use cannabis law, and residents are eager to see if they have a green thumb. Minnesota adults are allowed to grow […]

Germany Eyes April 2024 for Cannabis Legalization

The Germany’s coalition government called the Traffic Light coalition, which combines individuals from the Social Democratic Party, Free Democratic Party, and The Greens, reportedly reached an agreement for cannabis regulation on Nov. 27. These recent discussions estimate that cannabis legalization could take effect starting on April 1, 2024, with social cannabis clubs potentially allowed to […]

New Hampshire Cannabis Commission Fails To Reach Agreement on Legalization Plan

A New Hampshire commission formed to create a cannabis legalization plan for the state held its final meeting this week but failed to produce any recommendations after months of deliberation.  The 19-member commission convened this summer to consider a plan to legalize cannabis for adults under a program that would see retail sales of weed […]

Arizona Moves Towards Legalizing Magic Mushrooms for Medical

Summary: Arizona is embarking on a groundbreaking path to potentially legalize the use of Magic mushrooms (Psilocybin mushrooms), particularly for therapeutic purposes. This initiative, primarily focused on treating conditions like PTSD, eating disorders, and long COVID symptoms, involves state-sanctioned clinical trials and a $5 million budget allocation. Arizona Explores Therapeutic Potential of Magic Mushrooms Arizona […]

Feds Tell Farmers To Grow Hemp or Weed, But Not Both

Hemp farmers in several states are being told by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that they can grow cannabis or hemp but not both, according to a report from Politico.  Thousands of farmers from coast to coast saw the 2018 Farm Bill’s legalization of hemp agriculture as a new avenue to profitability for the operations. […]

University Of Minnesota Launches Cannabis Research Center

The University of Minnesota last week launched the new Cannabis Research Center, only six months after the institution was authorized by the state’s marijuana legalization statute. The center, which was established as part of the university’s School of Public Health, will work to assess the impact of cannabis legalization in Minnesota and advise policymakers as […]

Hawaii Attorney General Releases Weed Legalization Plan

Hawaii Attorney General Anne Lopez last week released a new plan to legalize adult-use cannabis that one lawmaker characterized as the state’s best effort so far. Under the plan, the state would allow for the production and sale of recreational cannabis while protecting the state’s existing industry for medical marijuana.  Hawaii legalized medical marijuana in […]