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If Marijuana Is Legal, So Is Using It While Pregnant. Case In Point:

Marijuana use while pregnant in a legal state, is not a crime. A recent story highlights this point, and the inanity of treating weed users like criminals. Drugs and pregnancy Automatically this is a controversial topic, although some aspects of it, are not. Very few people actually believe that it’s good, or even not dangerous, […]

Is Ayahuasca Worth It? – Cannadelics

With different hallucinogens gaining popularity, is it still worth it to do ayahuasca? What do we use psychedelics for? In reality, I’m not actually asking if its worth it to do ayahuasca; what I’m really asking, is if its worth it to do ayahuasca, if other options are available. In this publication, we support the […]

South Dakota Opposing Ballot Measures for Cannabis

The battle is on in South Dakota; where no less than four possible ballot measures related to cannabis, are now under consideration. Two voter ballot measures in South Dakota for legalization In a minute I’ll get to why its weird that South Dakota has any voter ballot measures to legalize recreational cannabis at all. But, […]

Drug Sickness – What’s a Body Load & How to Minimize It

We have different words that describe a bad experience with drugs, like bad trip. Another term ‘body load’ describes something similar, but for any psychoactive drug. Body load definition According to, a body load is “an unpleasant physical sensation that is difficult to describe either in terms of other sensations or in its specific […]

Drug Laws: Does Prohibition Ever Work?

Completely banning drugs, alcohol or any other substances might seem like the most sensical way of ridding a nation of an overuse problem, but has it actually ever worked? Prohibition – defined as the act of forbidding something by law – has been a recurring strategy throughout history to curb perceived societal ills, from alcohol […]

Massachusetts Psychedelics Ballot Measure Highlights Problems In System

Psychedelic therapies are taking off in a big way; but their expense is creating a barrier, which is highlighted by a current bill in Massachusetts. Massachusetts psychedelics regulation Massachusetts is not just representative of this growing issue of costly psychedelics treatments; its also a testament as to why we should be careful about the voter […]

Festival Attack: Experiencing Fear On Hallucinogens

The big topic these days, is how hallucinogens can treat things like fear responses. But what happens when a person on hallucinogens, experiences intense fear while tripping? Am I talking about a bad trip? No, I am not. I’m not talking about taking a hallucinogen, like a psychedelic, and having a standard bad trip. A […]

Captagon, and How It’s Used By Hamas/ISIS

Captagon, sometimes dubbed the “Jihadist Drug” or “The Drug Of Evil“, was reportedly used by Hamas/ISIS terrorists two weeks ago during their horrible war crimes. This drug, known for inducing alertness and suppressing fear and remorse, has frequently been associated with enabling terrorists, especially ISIS, to act with calmness amidst horrific scenes. The question arises: […]

FDA Warning to Crack Down on Ketamine Industry

The US government does not like industries it cannot control and regulate. Case in point, ketamine; and a new warning by the feds to crack down on the industry. FDA warning letter about ketamine Sometimes the US government can’t do much but hope people listen to a directive. Such is the case now concerning the […]

Genetically Modified Hemp – Coming Your Way

The term GMO can now be attached to yet another product. Yup, genetically modified hemp is coming your way. Which begs the questions…what’s wrong with the real thing? This article is the opinion of the author concerning the approval of genetically modified hemp. What does GMO mean? The term GMO stands for ‘genetically modified organism.’ […]