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Death Toll Rising: Overdose Deaths 2022 Released

The numbers from the last few years are not encouraging. It seems these days people are dropping left and right, and the main culprit is doctor prescribed medication. Recent data released by the US government shows an increase – though minor – in overdose deaths for 2022. Read on for more info. Overdose deaths 2022 […]

THCA Loophole Is Making the Government Scramble

Loopholes are fun. They provide a way to get around a law, without really breaking it; by taking advantage of inconsistencies or gaps in specifics. Sometimes they really exist, and sometimes they’re ideas that are simply not worth fighting by regulators. The most recent loophole to rock the cannabis world, is surrounding the use of […]

The Taxman Cometh: Canada Now Going After Unpaid Cannabis Taxes

Every other weed headline is about Canada’s failing market; whether it targets the companies closing down, the dismissal of employees, or reporting major losses and restructuring plans. Now, in a move that shows the strains within, Canada is sending out the taxman to collect unpaid cannabis excise taxes from legal producers in the country. Most […]

Finland Initiative for Recreational Cannabis To Go Before Parliament

Germany is plugging away at establishing its watered down version of a cannabis legalization, which is a let down from its original plan for a full-fledged market. Now, Finland is trying its luck at getting some kind of recreational cannabis legalization, which is quite a turn around for the ice-cold EU country. Finland and cannabis […]

Danger of Marijuana Use While Pregnant… Or a Smear Campaign?

Smear campaigns are all around, and can usually be identified by their unbacked arguments, and lacking information. Such is the case with the study I’ll go over today on whether marijuana causes issues if used while pregnant. What does the study say, what is it leaving out, and what does this mean? You can form […]

Oregon 1st Magic Mushroom Center Released Expensive Pricing

We’ve been talking about it for a while, and speculating on what to expect. Even as the cannabis industry takes a nose dive due to high regulatory and tax costs, it seems no lesson was learned for the legal psychedelics industry. Something made clear when an Oregon company released information for the first magic mushroom […]

1kg of Cannabis Will Get You Hung in Singapore

Regardless of how crazy it is, there are still plenty of places that will kill you for cannabis crimes in 2023. And this despite cannabis not being a death-toll drug. In the most recent story of this kind, the Singapore government recently hung two men for what it considered trafficking cannabis. Read on for details. […]

Overtaxed: How the Federal Government Taxes Cannabis

It’s a subject that comes up a lot, yet with little done to show the powers-that-be understand, or are willing to make useful changes. According to Whitney Economics, the already overtaxed cannabis industry paid an additional $1.8 billion in unnecessary taxes in 2022 alone. And to the federal government, no less. Why is this happening? […]

Prince Harry: Drugs & Anti-Monarchy

The role of the monarch in Britain is a contentious one. In 2022, around 55% of the population believed that it was ‘important’ to have a monarchy in the UK. However, the majority of these people were over the age of 65. What does that tell us? Well, a major segment of the nation conversely […]

The Death of Heath Ledger: Drugs or Method Acting?

The death of one of Hollywood’s greatest actors, Heath Ledger, took everyone by surprise on the 22nd January 2008. Ledger was a highly acclaimed actor known for his transformative performances and dedication to his craft. Movies, such as, “Brokeback Mountain,” “The Dark Knight,” and “10 Things I Hate About You.” are all considered masterpieces in […]