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Pennsylvania House Members Introduce Bill To Protect Medical Cannabis Users From DUIs

If a bill passes in Pennsylvania, medical cannabis patients will no longer be at risk of being charged with a DUI just because drug tests show the presence of THC in their system, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. However, that doesn’t mean you can drive while impaired if you have a card, nor does it apply […]

Tennessee Governor Signs Bill to Regulate Delta-8 THC

While medical and adult-use cannabis remain illegal in Tennessee, it’s pretty easy to find hemp-derived delta-8 THC products that are marketed as psychoactive including vape carts and dabs. But a new bill will regulate delta-8 THC products for adults 21 and over with testing and tax requirements. State House Majority Leader William Lamberth (R-Portland) and […]

Washington Governor Signs Bill to Protect Employees from Drug Testing for THC

Washington state will soon provide measures to protect employees from pre-employment drug tests for cannabis in many situations. On May 9, Gov. Jay Inslee signed Senate Bill 5132 to lay out broad protections for employees who consume cannabis while imposing limitations on employment drug testing for cannabis. Employers must prepare to comply by January 1, […]

Nashville Jams With THC Seltzer

Attracting countless bachelorette parties clad in pink cowboy hats and tourists looking to stumble through line dances, Nashville’s nightlife is famously fun.  Whatever your jam is, Nashville’s got it. With incredible Bluegrass, Rock, Indie, and of course, Country, the Music City is sure to strike the right chord with you. Nashville has plenty of music […]

Doctors Warn Seniors About Consuming Too Much THC

Due to an uptick of incidents involving seniors consuming too much cannabis, doctors are warning older citizens about how to consume the plant correctly. Eating edibles in particular, without the proper guidance, is notorious for causing panic, though the risks are rarely physical. KOMO News in Seattle reports that doctors want to inform seniors about […]

THC-A Diamonds: A High-Potency Cannabis Concentrate

Looking for a strong hemp-derived cannabis concentrate that packs a punch? Look no further than THC-A diamonds. With a THC-A content of 99.9% or higher, these crystals are one of the most potent hemp-derived cannabis products on the market. And as part of our Deal of the Day, you can now try THC-A diamonds at […]

Twitter Refines Weed Policy To Allow Packaged Products and More

Twitter is opening the door for advertisers of packaged weed products, the Associated Press reports, with refined changes to the announcement that it will begin allowing THC ads in addition to CBD ads last February.  The new changes will allow packaged cannabis products in ad creative and include updated medical and adult-use cannabis markets. It’s […]

NBA Is Now Weed Friendly!

It’s nice to watch things change. Sometimes it feels like change takes too long, but at least it happens when it does. In a recent move toward greater understanding, the NBA announced its new weed friendly policy, which no longer penalizes players for using cannabis. What’s the news with the NBA and weed In the […]

Australian Cannabis Activists Protest THC Ban for Drivers

A group of Australian cannabis activists took to the streets of Sydney in a motorcade of military vehicles to protest the failed War on Drugs and policies that punish drivers who are found to have THC in their system. Known collectively as the Who Are We Hurting? Army, the group of activists staged their protest […]

Worms Can Also Get the Munchies from Cannabis, Study Shows

It’s a well-known fact that using cannabis often leads to the “munchies,” prompting consumers to eat more and crave tasty, high-calorie foods. Now, a new study published in the journal Current Biology has found that cannabinoids can give worms the munchies, too — specifically, nematodes (C. elegans).  “Cannabinoids make nematodes hungrier for their favored foods […]